Author Interview: Jeannie Faulkner Barber's crime, suspense and fantasy books.

Would you like to introduce yourself?

Jeannie Faulkner Barber is a wife, mother, grandmother, dragracer and writer of crime and suspense novels, and is co-author of a fantasy novel due out in 2012.

Thank you so much for inviting me, Adele. I’m Jeannie Faulkner Barber, a multi-published author with two passions in life: writing and drag racing. Yes, I know those are polar opposites. I even met her husband, Monte, at the dragstrip and can boast of winning the most trophies and cash at the pulse-pounding sport. We live in the pine woods of East Texas. Our three sons have blessed us with nine fantastic grandkids.

What is your current project?

Mystery and suspense has been my main genre, but I’m stepping out this box to co-author an enthralling fantasy, Destiny Never Sleeps, with Bernadette Thompson Martin of South Carolina. Book One is Quest of the Two Queens. Although it’s patterned for at least three books, the possibilities are infinite depending on what our reading audience requests. This will debut mid-September.

All of my works are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Nook, as well as my website.

Jeannie Faulkner Barber
Jeannie Faulkner Barber

What are you planning to write next?

My current mystery, Taste of Fire is about a female firefighter, Terri Neal. Sometime in 2013, I plan to release the next in the series of Terri’s chronicles called Evil on Tap. My very first novel was a contemporary suspense, Scent of Double Deception.

How did you begin taking your writing seriously? What triggered your interest?

My older sister entertained me with her ‘characters’ to make me behave. The Wooly Worms would be sad if I didn’t eat my peas, and I couldn’t have that, right? In essence, she jump started my imagination, and I began to recant my own version of ‘tales’ to her. It wasn’t until our three sons were grown and married that I penned those childhood memories and expounded on other avenues of writing.

How do you think the publishing industry will have changed in ten years time?

The social networking probably will continue to advance which definitely has an impact on the publishing entities. In turn, I believe it will prove even more beneficial to writers/authors.

Do you have a daily word-count, an allocated time-slot for writing, or an established writing routine of some kind?

Depending on which status I’m in dictates a word count or routine. At the present, Bernadette and I are in the final read through for Destiny Never Sleeps so multiple hours weekly are dedicated to the task.

Are you a member of a writers group? Have you attended writing courses or seminars? How have these been helpful to you?

I am an officer for East Texas Writers Association (ETWA) and also belong to North East Texas Writers Organization (NETWO). I’ve attended several conferences and online courses. We formed a small critique group which proved to be invaluable, too. Belonging to groups where there are opportunities to learn and grown, or having the benefit of taking courses, is such a phenomenal advantage. I strongly urge everyone to do both because the industry ‘rules’ change frequently. A book is a direct reflection on the author, and it’s especially important that the first printed work make your readers beg for more.

Do you have a personal philosophy, and is this reflected in your work?

Adele, I have been so blessed to have other published authors help me along with what they had learned to be successful. So I embrace the it forward. I feel writing shouldn’t be viewed as a competition – there are enough readers to go around.

Have you other interests outside of writing? What do you do with your spare time?

As I mentioned earlier, my other passion is drag racing. I recently had a local television personality contact me to do a dual interview on my writing and racing. We retrieved one box of my trophies, plaques, and pictures to be displayed next to my books. The actual highlight though was when I took the interviewer for a ‘pass’ down our rural road while the cameraman filmed from our easement. She squealed and wanted me to get the cameraman for another run!

Is there a particular novel which you've re-read again and again?

I haven’t had time to re-read it, but one of my favourites is Restore My Heart by author friend, Cheryl Norman. She also has a website and is known as The Grammar Cop.

Picture an apocalyptic scenario. If you're going to survive, you've got to leave behind everything but what you can carry. What do you put in your backpack?

The summer of 2011, my great home state of Texas was under siege by wildfires. In Taste of Fire, I added a Special Recognition Page to all firefighters, rescue workers, and police because of their continued noble courage to keep us safe.

I did have a backpack in case we needed to make a speedy retreat. First item to go in was my Bible. Without God’s daily grace and strength, none of my goals would have ever been obtained.

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Name a favourite place, a favourite piece of music, and a favourite film.

My favourite place is on the deck when it’s raining, my favourite piece of music is Rhapsody in Blue, and my favourite film is Dirty Dancing.

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