Into the Waves

 How could I have been so wrong,

To think I had the world by the balls?

Only to put all I’ve had into a belief,

And just lose it all.

Play the sad song for me now,

I can’t take it anymore.

Nothing is worth really trying for,

Now that the dream is crushed,

And the hope is gone.

It won’t be long before nothing matters anymore.

My eyes are dry,

Because I took a chance,

And put my trust into a man,

That lied.

His words were so pleasing,

I wanted to believe,

I never imagined He’d make

A fool of me.

I can’t hold it over his head,

Without taking risks we might as well be dead

But I just wish he would of tried,

It still hurts me a little inside.

When I see his face or hear our song,

I always thought forever lasted this long.

But I guess not this time around,

Sooner or later it’ll be my final round.

I’ll find someone worth having

For me,

And all my heartbreak will be tossed

To sea.


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