Is This What I see?

Is this what I see?

Is this what I see?

Or just a mist of illusions?

When I try to see I always fail….

Is this what I see??

Is this the truth or something that pretends to be?

Someone tell me..

Is this what I see??

What I wanted to see n’ I never dreamt of..

Could it be a dream??

Someone tell me…

Is this what I see…??

If u know not..

Your stand is

Perhaps no better than mine..

You too cry of sands

That slipped off ur unfortunate hands slowly..mercilessly…

I see the whole world reasoning..

Singing in a melancholy timbre..

Sad of ever winter nights…

Or its just my loneliness following my lone soul…being my only companion..

Like my own shadow…

Can’t someone tell me!!!

If I am in a dream,

Please oh my soul wake up..!!

Let pass the moments of surrealism..

Feel the sunshine

Tryin to give u a new life..

Loose not ur faith

Or u will lose eveything

Wake up!

Listen to voice that

Comes from deep…

Straight from Heart…”

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