Poetry: It's YOU

It took me years to realize

That it's you whom I really want

Cause when I look into your eyes

I began to shiver inside

I tried to win you back

And make a brand new start

I thought everything was going great

Until I heard you singing my song.

Your words fills my heart

As I was reading your letters

My tears began to drop

Because of happiness and fears.

Days went on and on

As my heart keeps beating fast

Everything went right

Even though you're far from my sight.

Memories of you fills up my mind

Until I saw you again

My hearts was filled with joy

Because I know it's only you who'll never make me cry.

*For Gemini '97

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sonia05 profile image

sonia05 5 years ago from india

lovely poem,very emotional! Love has its own unique way of giving happiness and pain too. Separation from one's beloved can be very hurting and torturous.

phoebe180 profile image

phoebe180 5 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you sonia05 for dropping and leaving a nice ccomment.

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