Italian Hillbilly Part VI

Tennessee ItalianHillbilly by Photo by Sylvia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
Tennessee ItalianHillbilly by Photo by Sylvia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

Meanwhile Chad and his brother walked up to where I was standing and was intensively listening to me explain, to the principal, the turn of events that lead to the water mishap. You could tell Chad was thoroughly amused by my story as he stood there with this huge grin on this face. “Mr.Fielder,” Chad said, “I was just about to take these ladies home. I’m sorry this event took place, but really what do you want these ladies to do?” I breathed a sigh of relief thinking I may not find myself on the chain gang after all. The principal huffed saying, “Take them home then!” Jenny and I immediately went to Melinda and told her Chad and his brother were taking us home, and that we were sorry over what happened, but Melinda just laughed and said, “Its ok, I’m sorry about the bee. I can take you home.” But, we insisted she stay with her friends that arrived shortly after the mishap, and play tennis. Besides, I don’t think anyone could have talked me or Jenny out of riding with these two.

Before we got into the car, Chad went to the trunk and pulled out a blanket placing it on the front seat, “There,” he said, “Now my car won’t get wet.” I started laughing as I got inside, while Jenny and Mark got into the backseat. As soon as Chad started the car the air conditioner started blowing, he immediately reached for the knob which I was thankful for, but instead of tuning the air down he cranked it up! “What the hell?” I said, “Can you turn the air conditioning off? For Pete’s sake, this isn’t the penguin exhibit at the zoo!” Chad started laughing as he turned off the air. “Ok, so tell me how to get you home, that way we’ll know where we’re going when we pick you up tonight,” he said, with a smirk on his face. Jenny then proceeded to give directions.

No sooner did we drive up the driveway I notice Chad’s face froze. “Yep,” I said, “It’s kind of hard to comprehend isn’t it?” “Come on inside, I want you to meet my dad,” Jenny said while laughing under breath. Both Chad and his brother got out of the car and walked inside to meet Tom while I stood out on the front porch waiting for Jenny to bring out towels. After wiping myself down I sat on the porch swing hoping to dry off a little more before going inside to change. Chad, Mark, and Jenny came back outside, as Chad sat on the swing next to me and said, “You know, I don’t even know your name.” As I proceeded to tell him the swing accidentally brushed up along side of the house, and that’s when I heard Jenny’s granny scream from the kitchen, “Don’t hit the side of the house with that swing! It’s stirring up the hornet’s nest in the chimney!” Jenny and I started screaming with laughter. “So, do you guys live here?” Chad said. “No, this is our vacation home, why?” I asked, waiting to hear his reply. “Ok we better leave before I get us in trouble, we’ll be here by 7 tonight,” Chad said, “Hopefully you’ll be dry by then, and remember don’t brush up against the house with that swing, you don’t need anymore stings.” As Chad drove off, Jenny and I looked at each other and yelled, “YES!”

Well, after sitting down and listening to Tom rant about us excepting a ride from two strangers, and explaining they were friends of Melinda’s, did Tom finally accept our date for the night. Jenny and I decided we didn’t have time to lug water from the creek to bath, therefore we asked her granny if she would mind if we went to her house to shower, which was right down the street. Granny didn’t mind in fact she came along with us just to hear about the two boys we met.

While Jenny took her shower I was in the kitchen with granny, “Here honey, let me cut you a piece of apple pie while you wait, and in the meantime maybe you can explain to me why you are sopping wet,” granny said while retrieving one of her homemade apple pies. As I went into detail over what happened, granny all but fall on the ground in laughter, “Good God girl, that isn’t the way to meet a boy,” she said, wiping the tears from her eyes with the corner of her apron. Soon it was my turn to take a shower, and while showering did I notice the extent of injury I had endured. My nails were chipped from clawing my way out of the gully while snipe hunting, there were bruises and cuts scattered throughout my body from the horse ride, and every bone and muscle ached as the hot water danced across my skin, let’s just say that was the longest, hottest, shower I have ever taken.

Soon I was out, dresses, and filing my nails so I wouldn’t look as horrible as I felt. I decided to wear a pair of form fitting Levis with a light summer knit top. Shorts were definitely out of the question after looking at my injuries. Jenny and I soon found our way back to the cabin for it was going on about 6 p.m. and we knew Chad and Mark would be on their way. By 6:45 they arrived, and they looked absolutely heavenly, “Thought we would grab a bite to eat first, then maybe go bowling rather than see a movie, what do you think?” At first I thought, ya sure I would love nothing better to do than drag around a 10 lbs bowling ball, I mean for Christ sake are they trying to kill me? But after looking at his eyes I thought I wouldn’t only carry the 10 lb ball I’d carry it with me everywhere I went for the next week just to be by his side. After eating and bowling Chad looked at me and said, “There’s a place around here that overlooks this beautiful valley, a lot of us drive up there just to sit and relax, or just spend time with our friends, care to go?” Hell yes, I was about to scream, but the lady like part of me said, “Sounds nice,” as I looked at Jenny who was nodding in approval.

There we were up on this beautiful crest overseeing this magnificent scenery. Mark and Jenny got out of the car as Mark announced he was going to take a walk with Jenny, and there I found myself alone with Chad. Chad immediately drew me near to his side and growled in a low tone, “I was wondering whether I would be able to spend some time alone with you,” as he picked up my chin and started to kiss me. Things were starting to get hot with each kiss turning deeper, hungrier when all of a sudden Jenny and Mark came screaming back in the car, “Let’s get out of here!” Mark screamed. As I turned around to face Jenny, all Jenny said was, “You don’t want to be here right now girl!” Both Chad and I looked at each other and said, “What the hell is going on?” When all of a sudden someone started pounding on my window screaming, “You b*tch! I’m going to tear your hair out! How dare you go out with my boyfriend!” As I slowly turned towards Chad and said, “Is there something you wish to tell me?”

(We are this close { } to ending this story, so hang on...for part VII)


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