It's Never Easy To Bid Farewell.


It's Never Easy To Bid Farewell.



There are times
when there can never be,
easy ways to say goodbyes,
when a love so vibrant is set free,
and we face the lonely night,
When we must subtract
from you and me,
as two souls are bent on flight,
leaving nothing but a memory,
trying hard to be polite,
For the greatest gift
of all is love,
but too often it is spurned,
seperated by rivers of tears,
as we watch our bridges burn,
It is given with
a bond of trust,
it's not meant to be returned,
but the faults of selfishness or lust,
offer lessons to be learned.
There is a graveyard
where I've buried,
all my old loves
marked with stones,
where what was once
impassioned flesh,
is now nothing but bare bones,
I wander there
and comptemplate,
all the sweet joys I dreamed of,
seeking guidance
from mistakes I've made,
just before I fall in love.
For there are many acres left,
that I've no wish to fill,
with sad goodbyes and empty sighs,
thus I pause and wait until,
I am very sure my new love will,
be much better than past tries,
sharing forever, love's endeavor,
I've grown weary of goodbyes

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Artamia profile image

Artamia 7 years ago from GTA, Canada

:: MFB III :: """...sharing forever, love's endeavor, I've grown weary of goodbyes..."""



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