Its Quiet Here

The article is almost a year old, has nothing to do with my writing, but is some interesting reading.
The article is almost a year old, has nothing to do with my writing, but is some interesting reading. | Source

Its quiet,here with the exception;the night sounds

Its 2;05AM, its quiet,here with the exception of the night sounds that are awake;The crickets outside my window, trying to avoid the prying spiders looking for their breakfast, the earth worms, coming up for air, before the early birds awake just before dawn,

A trains engine, rushing by to hook up to its car-line for the new days commute, I can hear the beetles so many different families hurrying on their way to and fro, back and forth. Busying themselves before the people lights comes up. Oh, I just heard my friend Oscar Owl, calling out to his friends Otto, Phebe, Freddy and Griffith hes the ole old wise owl of the heard.

The three clocks each tick-toc, simultaneously. Each tick a little bit closer to a new hour of tomorrows yesterday. Leaving behind, the rainy day waste of moments, seconds of days gone in just a blink of an eye.

I can hear the sound of my beating breath and the sound I can hear of my hearts pounding within my chest. Its quiet here, with the exception of the sun turning over and pulling his blanket up. As he dreams, thinks should I, am I going to get up? No, as he shakes his heavy head I'll let the dew drops continue its rains. Then I'll come out refreshed ready to give a huge warm Sunny Smile to the new cleansed day.
Its quiet, here with the exception of the new days dawn.

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peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 19 months ago from Home Sweet Home

i think you had a spelling error, it should be "quiet" is it?

FeniqueS profile image

FeniqueS 19 months ago from Home Author

Yep You're right and thank you for looking out. I did spell check, and of course it had it as being correct. Thank you again.

Take Care


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