It's So Wonderful To Have Sincere Friends

2:54 AM

I come home from a busy day

Work was slow

Until the managers send people home

Then we were running around

Like we were jumping up and down on hot coals

It was so nice to read

Messages of kindness

I am a man

5'10 and just under two hundred pounds

Who identifies with his lovely pet

Who constantly has deep one to one conversations with his cat named Charlette

I try to carry my thoughts like luggage

Ready to travel at the last minute

Yes friends from around the world have found me

Helping my writings along

By taking the time and leaving their mark

Reminding me of birds eating their seed

Feeling safe and secure

When they had their fill

They fly off in all different directions

We have no way of knowing

If they will ever return

As I look before me

I couldn't be happier

Not only have they come back

They have shared the most beautiful thoughts

When thanks is never enough

I try to return the favor

By writing another story and poem combination

I call a stoem

I know they are busy too

They find it in theIr heart

To look deeper into my words

To see my thoughts in action

Their comments are the frosting

On that plain old chocolate cake

As so many people walk right bye

They can feel my vibe

Nothing fancy

With common words my own ice cream twist

A half chocolate and half vanilla

One of my all time favorites

Covered with jimmies

I use dreams and imagination

You are the ones who leave me with insight and understanding

As I explain the way I see the world

As dull little pieces of sea glass

Washed ashore and worn on all the edges

Glass that had a whole entirely different purpose

Has found it's way into my hands

Giving me the chance to create a different beauty

As my eyes slowly close like two half moons

I will respond as soon as possible

I see zzzzz 's coming closer and closer

It's only a matter of time

Out matched by their magnificent charm

I fall helplessly into their little arms

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shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 9 months ago from Texas

This is one of your best pieces, I think. I particularly like the last part about the glass turning into sand. Beautifully done. Friends have a way of changing perspective when we need it. Especially those that truly love us unconditionally and just accept us as we are in the very moment with open arms.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

shanmarie In a society where people can and do anything they want. We see bad things and unfortunate accidents. What we don't read , see, and share enough of the real wonderful, kind, thoughtful friends that help us not just when trouble strikes but all the time during the day or late at night. They should be talked about and appreciated because of who they are. Special people who help others because they want to not because they have to. They make all the difference in life. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

Jodah profile image

Jodah 9 months ago from Queensland Australia

Dream On, I have to agree with Shanmarie. This is truly one of your best "stoems". The help and encouragement of friends and fellow writers here at HubPges is something special. Your writing is too and always brightens my day and makes each little thing seem important. Great work.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Jodah Hubbers on HubPages continue to enlighten me. It's not all about money. It is a real special feeling reading other people's stories. Especially when you know how long it takes to do one of your own. Thank you for your nice words and continued friendship.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

I love this, Dream On. It says exactly who you are, so loveably. You're someone on Hubpages whom others can truly 'feel'. I've followed you for - what - 5 years, begun when I was only here a year or so myself as you were. I see so many mutual friends who were here then & also began followed you. I think it was that we all saw in you something so valuable and honest, that it drew us to follow, though your writing was a bit timid.

Over those years, your writing style has developed, but it is still that beautiful spirit of yours which brings you new followers and keeps those of us who have known you longer, coming back to read and enjoy your honest work, your ’stoems’!

This one has some great metaphors: - the chocolate cake and frosting and the zzzzs approaching (and it was about time since this was written in the wee hours!)

Then those dull pieces of sea glass washed ashore which you’ve found. Now this one makes me think. In 1972, I wrote this poem:


I’m right here now.

The words I write in poems

Retrace my voyage here

Through inlets making

Mockery of maps,

Whirlpools changing course,

Twinkling streams

And placid ponds for rest,

Exciting rapids racing.

All - in pages, pressed.

Where I am just now

Is where I need to be

To see the way to go.

I don’t look back,

I can't look back!

So I stuff it into bottles

To float to shore someday!

______© Nellieanna H. Hay


Those were such very real feelings at that time. I wrote lots of poetry to ‘stay afloat’, literally, feeling it was tenuous. And it did keep me afloat at least.

Perhaps meeting here on Hubpages all the years later was a matching of some shards of those old bottles, after they’d been tossed about, dulled and worn down from the sea, but now finding a new purpose in being found and used well by you!

I like that thought.

Michael-Milec profile image

Michael-Milec 9 months ago

Indeed, we do depend on them and they do on us , the "sincere friends". You find them mutually respecting as well as those '' unexpected" in time of sudden need. We do to the others, what we would expect them to do to us...

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 9 months ago from Riga, Latvia

Nicely penned. I find with the arrival of spring and the change of time I am more sleepy than usual.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna When I read your words I get all choked up. Your talent is so sweet and relaxing. Something I want to read like a favorite book when I'm all cozy under a blanket and not hungry but still have a snack and drink by my side. Just in case. Nowhere to go except here at this very moment reading your thoughts 3-9-72 . I was only six then. How much life has changed since then but writings you have shared are priceless. I can picture you writing and having a cup of tea. I don't do well with praise since I am always trying to make other people happy. I often get sad when I see young people with so much to live for make foolish mistakes and to go prison or die. I think how could they of changed the world to make life so much better. I like to root for the underdog and I am a sap for lifetime movies. I think they should be shown on the big screen. So much more important than a lot of horror, murder, action thrillers everyone can't get enough of. I really do love change even though it makes my head spin faster than a pin wheel on my lawn on the windiest of all days. I try to focus on the now even though I always connect today with all the things I have been through. I feel it is like mental recycling taking old baggage and turning into a new treasure. Sometimes I get so choked up I am just in the moment and I have to wait to even speak. I want you to know what it means to me to have someone so close and understanding. My wife told me when you don't know what to say just say thanks that will be enough. For me I feel my comments should hold what I am thinking in my brain on paper like a model not yet built or completed but started with great promise. The glue out and the smell of the glue in the air. So you can not only see the model and pieces glued together slowly drying. You can also smell the strong odor than burns your nose hairs. You can also feel the mood by looking at the well lit room so it is easy to work on. it sits on the corner of the table since there is little room elsewhere. Everyone knows this space is temporarily off limits. Even are cat will get sprayed with a water bottle if she is tempted. I often wonder how long your replies take because every word seems to fit perfectly with the next. As if you were to cut it out of a beautiful best selling novel. Thank you and may today bring you a smile and the warm sun on your face that heals any ache.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Michael-Milec In my day to day life through work, family and close friends I find many unexpected surprises. I don't know why but they seem to have a different agenda. I feel like we are having a game and we are following two sets of rules. What I say is only good when it works in your best interest. If not you have right to change the rules and now it's not what is good for each other and fair only what is easier for you and what you selfishly like. Not caring and that is the way you like it or not. I don't care attitude. So many times I like writing better. If you take the time to write something that's important to you and also write reasons why I will listen. In real life people don't explain and feel they are just priveledged and deserve to walk on other people's rights because they can. I feel a duel from the written word to what is actually happening day to day. When life is not a competition on the winner takes all attitude but here's my hand we can do this together. Thank you for reading and commenting. Gypsy Rose Lee Friends are caring and compassionate. Truthful and honest. Helpful and grateful. I keep trying to find new meanings for the writers who read and comment. I want to give them a new title.They are my Shells. Sincere, Honest, Energetic, Loving, Lifesavers and Sensational. They move me in directions I need to go. They also protect me by being my support system. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

Dear Dream On - I’m pleased that you and Michael-Milec have met. He’s a good guy, too. English is not his first language so he’s working on it. He has good things to say. He and I communicate on Facebook.

I’m honored that you regard my words highly. My main purpose in them is to try to express what I mean as truly and accurately as possible, so I value words that do that. Of course, communication is a two-way exchange and how one is read or heard is subject to the mind and heart of the one reading or hearing one’s words. Leeway for that must be allowed! haha One thing I love about poetry is its ability to zoom in on the meaning or feeling so succinctly, though even then, the hearer or reader hears or sees it according to his/her experience and even how they may temporarily feel at the moment. So we let our words go and trust that they’ll fly well and bring some welcome recognition and response from those who read or hear them. The rest is up to God.

Yes, it is sad to see many young folks - who really have almost everything within their grasp - making poor choices which can lead to serious mistakes which are not easy to undo, even if they thought to try to. And many of them don’t seem to know to think to try to get out of the pit once they’ve fallen or stumbled into it. I admit that I believe in parents allowing kids at home to make some choices that may not be too wise and to experience consequences of THEIR OWN CHOICES enough to be aware that there are consequences and that they can be faced and dealt with. If parents always do everything for kids and always rescue them quickly from their own mistakes, then the kids think that is how it works — that someone will catch them when they err and fall and rescue them from the consequences. If they learned about it young when the actions and consequences were not so major so that they could actually handle them (with a bit of help) then they are more prepared to deal with grown-up choices & consequences of mistakes. These days it seems like they’re all in a fuzzy haze about reality, buried in the unreality of media & oblivious to life going on unless it touches their interest. And their choices ARE about major issues with major consequences. I know examples that are pretty close. Then there are others who do seem to ‘get it’ and are able to deal with their own lives.

It’s sort of sad that when the underdog doesn’t even know what’s what, it’s not easy to help. But when they’re responsive and take an active part in their own rescue, it is so gratifying. Sometimes that may require letting them flounder enough to get ‘wised up’. But adults have a lot more to lose than little kids do with parents right there, if they flounder.

Yes, I like the hopeful movies too. Sometimes it seems valuable to be aware of all that is ‘out there’ to tempt the youngsters, but for myself, I want to feel better not worse, after seeing a film. One I’ve recently seen is “Return To Me”. You might like it if you get a chance to see it. It’s very uplifting.

Yes — old baggage can be refurbished and made into new treasure. Another recent film I saw was “The Count of Monte Cristo”. It’s the classic story but I didn’t really know the story, it seemed. The guy was a really innocent good guy but was betrayed badly and suffered years of imprisonment - when prisons were torturous. But he met an old priest there who helped him with his education and then showed him where to find a buried treasure and told him to use it only for good. But the guy admitted he knew he’d use it for vengeance, - which he started out doing. That was how he became the Count of Monte Cristo. But eventually he saw the light and promised to use the rest of the treasure only for good.

There is nothing at all wrong with being choked up with feeling and the surge of understanding you feel. You do express those feelings and thoughts quite vividly. You just did in that reply! You stir the senses to illustrate how it feels, which is the essence of poetry and good writing. I can visualize you working on pieces and experiencing the smell, feel and mood of it all. When it all fits together it does feel so good!

Thank you. The sun will be quite warm today, in the 80s. But then another ‘cold front’ will bring it down 10 or so degrees during the follow-up days. But very soon, it will ALL be very warm down here. I’ve missed having a more real winter! But I’m comfortable. I go-with-the-flow of the weather. Dress to fit it and not to squander heat or cooling to make it different too much. By July, though, A/C will be needed during the heat of the day. I enjoy the contrasts, though I’d have liked more cold contrast. haha. It’s all part of the NOW we have for living and enjoying living. It's wonderful! Every moment of it matters.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna What I have learned is my passion is constantly stirred by all the beautiful things I experience and to tap into that passion like trying to get syrup from a tree. It's so sweet we have to share just a little or it can be overwhelming. As I look around me I see more trees. All in time so everyone can have some. Thank you for sharing and caring. (SHELLS)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

Yes, I see that in you! The syrup in the tree is accurate!


DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna I hear of so many people that go through years of rehabilitation after they mess up their lives. Either from drugs, alcohol, abuse etc... Wouldn't be fun to use the same energy in levels of creativity. Those who succeed help those who try and fail. Explaining steps of mistakes and wrong turns only to be back on track raising hopes and dreams. So we can learn things not taught in school. We all have something to bring to the table like a huge supper. So we can all enjoy a feast for all. I am spending my time creating more fun. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

It’s true that too many lives get messed up and then it takes years to undo, if they ever do. Others can only do so much when it’s happened. There has to be willingness and receptivity in the person who is caught up in that trap, while the trap itself is working against the escape.

But, yes, we can reach out; and simply being an example of living happily can help those who’ve lost their way. What one brings to the table for teaching - learning isn’t so much a ‘special effort’ we pull out occasionally, but a full-time, everyday simply BEING living examples giving hope that it’s possible. As yours is, creating more fun.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna it's people not companies that could offer incentive programs to do well and work together forming great new ideas. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

EXACTLY, Dream On. It is people, not companies or governments who can make the right changes. Each person has a gifts to use for good. If it's to create more fun or whatever it is. The person knows his/her own gifts and also when and how to best use them.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna Wonderful things are just waiting to be discovered. All we need is imagination and people who are excited and motivated enough to carry out their dreams to fruition. I think if you get to caught up on societies woes you forget the joy that brings so much happiness. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS


DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna When I have a busy day at work my mind has little time to think. I am so focused at the task at hand it occupies all my time. When I come home and get a nice hot shower then my mind rests and my creative side kicks in. The same happens when I first wake up in the morning or on a day off from work. I let all my emotions and feelings collide. They are like a whirlwind of happiness and excitement that constantly rise and fall. There are no rules and the abundant energy is released like a balloon when you let the air out. I capture each moment in my mind for a second and then it is like hot banana nut muffins out of the oven you can't hold them you have to let them cool. I feel energized and uplifted to a new level of wonderful ness as if it was a real word. Thank you for reading and sharing. SHELLS

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

That IS real!

After all, all a person knows of the real world is what is received by the person's senses and interpreted by the person's mind. Two people can be in the same situation, and to each of them, it IS totally different, though the only actual difference IS how each 'sees' and interprets it. So - - what IS reality? Is it a neutral set of things and circumstances just 'out there' somewhere or IS it how it's experienced by people?

I call this 'subjective reality'. It is all any person knows of 'reality'. One's view of reality literally changes what that reality IS for oneself. Just as you're energized & uplifted by the overwhelming sense of wonderfulness, likewise - for someone else - it might be lethargy and depression and an overwhelming sense of desperation. It's both a matter of choice and mostly a matter of how one's senses and mind are nurtured, cultivated and expected to respond to one's life.

Anyway - keep on building that attitude and expecting to feel great. Even when things are less wonderful, it sustains you. SHELLS.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna Waking up vibrating with a beautiful, calm and peacefulness. Rain coming soon as our sky darkens. Off to work just happy to say hi. Thank you. SHELLS

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

You bet! I'm tardy in replying to your message, but hope the day continued to be beautiful, calm and peaceful for you - yesterday and today, as well - and this one is becoming night! haha.

SHELLS pervade!

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna I just want to say in the past few weeks talking to both you and shanmarie it's been so rewarding. I would be very lucky to talk to one person from Texas. I am super lucky I get to talk to two wonderful people from Texas at the same time. What's the odds on that. I have to go play the lottery. Thank you for making me smile one more time before bed.

Michael-Milec profile image

Michael-Milec 9 months ago

Hello DREAM ON and Ellieanna. Your conversation concerning this particular poem has open the edge of horizon beyond its previous periphery unveiling whole scene magnified...Hooray.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Michael-Milec So many opportunities and possibilities when life is shared with friends. Thank you so much. SHELLS

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

Dream On, I believe you may be my only online contact from Maine! I remember a very pleasant vacation in New England in the early Fall in the mid-1970s when the leaves were so glorious. We visited relatives in New York City and ate at a couple of wonderful restaurants. One was a seafood place and I had my first scrod and loved it. Then they took us on their small ship in Connecticut, though it was such a stormy day, we sat in the galley talking, drinking and eating homemade mulligatawny soup while the ship rocked furiously. haha Then friends we visited in Connecticut leisurely motored us from where they lived all the way up through the states, including Maine of course, to Canada and treated us to a lovely stay at a country inn in New Hampshire. Very memorable visit!

I felt such a kinship with all those New England states. It was so surprising to be driving along on country roads and suddenly, there was a waterfall right beside the road! It took my breath away. I was also aware of how green everything was and how much the small towns seemed so close and intimate, like they were a continuous back yard of all the residents. Here in Texas, especially the further west one goes, small towns have very wide streets and there is no crowding, so all the houses seem very separate. There is greenery but mostly it’s been cultivated and so there are less-green areas all around.

Texas has many quite different regions, so it can’t be described as just one place. My residence area is in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which is in North Texas, which borders Oklahoma, separated by the Red River. Then there is Central Texas (also called the Hill Country and the Heart-of-Texas), and The Panhandle, and Southwest Texas (which is mainly semi-desert), and East Texas (which is full of forests, especially pines), and the marine Gulf Coast, South Texas (also called The Valley), and Far West Texas, (which includes mountains and the Big Bend), and Central West Texas. Within each of those there’s variety in terrain, climate, vegetation, and population density.

The influence of Mexico is strong along the border, which is defined by the Rio Grande River, running from El Paso to the tip of Texas at Brownsville. I was born in Del Rio, which is right on the border and is top of the Valey and the beginning of desert Southwest Texas. A little further along the Rio Grande is where the ranch is located, in the vicinity of where Judge Roy Bean ruled and ran his saloon. Out there is agricultural in large tracts and all sparsely unpopulated. The county where the ranch is is quite large in space and has a little over 1000 people & there is only one small town, the county seat with about 1000 of the people in the entire county. One can drive many miles without seeing another car and if you live out there anywhere except that one little town, you’ll see ‘neighbors’ only if you travel a number of miles purposely to see them. Towns are few and far between. Some are ‘ghost towns’ left from when the trains that passed through had steam engines and had to stop every 30 miles or so for water! Wind is abundant but surface water is scarce except in the very few rivers the Pecos River being one. Deep wells supply most of of the water. My dad got his start out there digging water-wells and putting up the wind-mills to run them. The sound of the windmills was both pleasant and poignant to me as a kid. The well he drilled in 1927 on what was to become my ranch is 792 feet deep and the water level is at 600 feet. It has a deep electric pump now, rather than the original windmill and it supplies all the water for the ranch, which is 10 square miles in size. Miles of pipe are maintained for the troughs for the animals, both wildlife and any domestic ones. It was originally a sheep and goat ranch. I had a tenet who ran cattle for about 10 years. Now it is just the wildlife which is managed and served. It's my roots, even though I now live in a huge bustling metroplex.

So you see. the great variety of the regions and the distances between everything in Texas are what surprise visitors. Texas is 790 miles long and 660 miles wide at its most distant points and it’s 268,820 square miles in overall size.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna I moved to Maine from Massachusetts twelve years ago. All the trees and the birds are just beautiful. I can go to sleep and wake up after five hours and am ready to roll. I feel refreshed and energized like a battery charged over night. In Massachusetts I would drag myself out of bed after nine hours and feel exhausted. I love your wonderful introduction to Texas since I have never been. Have you ever been to the Alamo? I have only seen the movie on t.v. And I wonder if it is a huge historical site. Thank you for your lovely comment. I am off to work soon and will share more later. The sun is shining and the birds are playing your song. Texas what a beautiful place I call home. I don't know all the words yet but they are sure tweeting so sweet.I have been listening all morning and it is now stuck in my head. Up beat and positive so breathtaking. With moments of silence to make us beg for more. Thank you and all I can do is sing. Not that good by the way but the birds no how to drown me out. It's a competition and the birds got it wrapped up. They out number me twenty five to one. I don't think that is fair I deserve a second try. I think they went to lunch it's all quiet now. Here's my chance. Have a great day.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

Your feeling of enjoyment of Maine is beautifully expressed! Maine does seem like a place with such clean air & peaceful ambiance. Perhaps Massachusetts is more congested and maybe more polluted by industry & car fumes. The contrast with how you felt and feel in each place tells the story.

It's great to meet people online from all over the country and other countries and share information about the places. We teach and learn from each other.

Yes, I've visited the Alamo on many occasions, though not in recent years. Yes, it has been and remains a big historical site and is dear to every Texan's heart. The building was an old Spanish mission and on Feb. 23, 1836, it became the scene of a major turning point in Texas’ ongoing battle to win its independence from Mexico. It was a long, bloody battle won by sheer determination of a small group of Texian defenders, who were vastly outnumbered by the Mexican armies but who were willing to give their lives for the cause - and many of them did and managed to beat Santa Anna’s hordes of soldiers. All over the world the Battle of the Alamo has come to symbolize a heroic struggle against impossible odds and major sacrifices for freedom. So the Alamo is like hallowed ground, the shrine of Texas Liberty. REMEMBER THE ALAMO! No doubt the movie you saw was about that turning-point battle.

I have an antique bowl made in the 1830s or 1840s commemorating the Texas Revolution and our independence from Mexico. The back side is marked “Texian Campaign” (yes that’s the spelling).

The design on the front in blue and white shows various military scenes of that period of history. These dishes are prized collector’s items. Mother collected antiques of all kinds and acquired this piece somehow. Many of the remaining original pieces of the pottery, some done in several other colors, too, are on display in the Governor’s Mansion in Austin, Texas.

School kids in Texas in my day began from the first grade to study Texas history, by the way. It’s quite varied. The Spanish influence is still prevalent in architecture and there are Spanish missions scattered all around, including the Alamo. Spain ruled Texas the longest time of any, for 277 years beginning 1519, with breaks of 6 years in the 1600s when France ruled and another 3 years in early 1800s. We’ve only been under the USA flag for 151 years! The original 13 colonies that became the original states right after the American Revolution have been under the USA flag for about 240 years. Hard to believe we’ve only been an independent country for 240 years.

But Texas has been under 6 different sovereign flags: Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, The United States of America, The Confederate States of America and back to the United States of America - where it remains. It’s the only US state with a legal right to secede from the union, since it was once a separate country of its own.

I can’t imagine what life was like during those times! it was challenging enough when my parents migrated to Texas in 1919 and carved out a life from virtual wilderness. It’s awesome.

Also, New England history is so fascinating! Imagine those pilgrims and first settlers landing from ships on wild and strange coasts! WOW! Could you imagine any of today’s younger generations being able to meet the challenges?

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna Thank you for my virtual tour. I reread your comment a couple of times. Acting out scenes in my head. I had so much fun and am honored to read and learn about Texas. I heard the bugs are bigger and deadly. There is no poisonous insects in Maine unless you are allergic to bee stings. Deer can carry ticks that carry Lime disease where people can get sick and die. Coyotes and bears in the woods can be dangerous. I can hear the coyotes and hear stories of bear sightings. I have never had any problems. I am sure further north they see a lot more. Thank you for your interesting comments. Off to the yard to a little more work before work. Have an amazing day.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 9 months ago from TEXAS

Computer is up and going. Yea! What a relief!

Well, tarantula spiders are very large but not deadly. Daddy long-legs spiders are big and leggy and harmless. Scorpions are mean & hurt a lot. Brown recluse and black widow spiders are quite poisonous. There are poisonous rattlesnakes and copperheads. But all these things are found in many other states, as well. Climate of the various regions has a lot to do with what kinds of bugs and things are found there. I guess ticks which can carry deadly Lyme disease are found on deer in many states, too.

Dallas has been having sieges of mosquitos carrying various bad diseases and communities gear up in mosquito season with precautions & remedies for them. I'm lucky that mosquitos don't bite me. But I do my duty to help prevent having any standing water places for mosquitos to breed. Chiggers love to bite me, though!

There are native black bears over the border in Mexico near my ranch and they used to be native on the Texas side. The Texas Parks and Wildlife department wants to get them back in the habitat. Not much has been done about it, though.

There are coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, fox, javalina in the ranch country. It's a challenging place. But there is plenty of open space out there for them to be, so they only cause problems by occasionally killing livestock and, of course, other wildlife which have always been their prey. They are naturally carnivores, so must get meat to survive. Now there are reports of some of those animals in cities, having been driven out of their native habitats by the encroachment of the cities. People's pets can become their prey Of course, raccoons and opossums have invaded the cities for a long time, being driven out of their native habitats. But they eat nuts and small insects - or anything they can find in trash cans or people's picnic and camping coolers! George and I had some steaks stolen by raccoons out of our cooler when we were tent-camping in north Texas! And have had problems with them making their homes in theattic. Have them gone now, though. Had to hire someone who lured them out in a humane way and then fixed it so they couldn't get back in. It's worked for quite a few months.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 9 months ago Author

Nellieanna Technology is amazing when it works great. Oh brother, when it is on the blink. You hope to get it fixed and wait and never know what the result will be. It could be your phone, computer, computer game or anything else that saves you time and does the job better than we could ever dreamed years ago.Sometimes your information is lost and time. Soon after we pick up the pieces and continue on. I am thrilled your computer is working again. There are so many things that make life interesting and a pure joy to experience.Thank you for reading and sharing.

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