I've Got To Get Rid Of Me Roosters

I’ve got to get rid of me roosters

It’s totally tragic I know

I’ve watched them emerge as tiny chicks

And boy they know how to grow

I was sure that all four were definite hens

They all looked so pretty and sweet

But recently they started to fly

And one of them pecked at me feet

I’ve got to find them a special home

A pet’s corner or even a pub

I love animals and I’m veggie

I don’t want them to end up as grub

It’s wicked to eat the poor feathered beasts

One is cute speckled and grey

The other two are going to lay eggs

But roosters are useless they say

I’m sad because I’ve grown attached

It's totally daft I know

But I don’t want my neighbours to shout

I’m utterly sick of that crow!

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North Wind profile image

North Wind 6 years ago from The World (for now)

I like it....Keep on writing

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 23 months ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

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