Samantha's tear - The Narrative poem

A silver drop,

viscosity greater then life

Saltier, dissolving 

where she stands

Taking with it an essence

 most precious.

A blade of fire unrelenting

Sure striking as the rattler

Amid the thunder, rain, and lightning 

shattering her id

syllables felt most acutely

She ran, feet feeling abuse

the body sympathizing 

All in perverted harmony.

Time passes

Cocoon cracking from numbing slumber

Gives reason to the silver droplet

Event not so well remembered as felt.

How strange...

not to salve

what that tongue wove

a straight jacked of heartstrings

now thread bear from the pain.

Now isn't the time to think of it

she holds her self 

as the jacket's fibers fall apart

leaving emptiness and yearning

Whom shall she covet?

She questions the clock forswearing rebirth

contemplating what might be gained

in a probable moment of weakness

a healing God forbid,

To battle the bitterness

rage unrequited

questioning all empathy

Yet yearning all the more safe harbor

not so blighted as the one

she left an hour before

Perhaps she will think of it

another day or time

but not now.

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twolittlehands profile image

twolittlehands 6 years ago from Utah

Hauntingly beautiful, and sad.

Why can't people be more kind, or more understanding?

What satisfaction can one receive from offending another?

I have never read anything more poignantly or painfully, beautifully expressed...

As if by one who knows.

My heart aches for you.

Please keep writing.

Thank you, and thank goodness for the thwarting of the contemplated solution that is forbidden and no real solution at all!

Jaggedfrost profile image

Jaggedfrost 6 years ago Author

The substance of one's pain

can help one empathize with one

who doesn't exist

but tell stories

it would hurt too much to tell directly.

I am glad and sad this touched you

but pleased you stopped by here all the same.

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