Jealousy,Journalism and the Upright holding his PhD

What a display of unscrupulousness. Turn away from the smell and the effrontery of the dark heart natured, and their serialised chicanery of an un-cagey hounding of the Law Minister of Pakistan, all because of their imagining of a fake doctorate - the PhD Babar Awan obtained from the US, which he obtained through the due process of enrolment, study and thesis submission and after it was vetted and assessed by competent PhDs. This chicanery they are doing is because it does not suit their design that this PhD be at the helm of affairs as it is against their very strategy of keeping chaos sizzling in Pakistan and helping the Taliban gain upper hand in the affairs of Pakistan. Such is disharmony in their nature and the chiding they arouse. They want Taliban since their myths and beliefs in extremism is a chalk out of their plan.

Dr Zaheer Uddin Babar Awan did his PhD from a University now defunct, but not at the time that he was awarded the PhD and it was then competent to do so. All ethics pronounce he remains qualified to be called a PhD, but the critics and mud slingers like Ansar Abbasi the journalist who even can’t speak invigorating Urdu, brands his PhD fake. Whereas the mural of the University did not invalidate it not issue it, it was issued when the University was functional as a healthy University. Dr Babar Awan verified of its correspondence course programme and enrolled with the University and paid the university course fees through genuine transaction using bank services. He duly pursued his course and achieved the standard required of a PhD and was awarded PhD by the panel of the doctorate holders. So where is flaw to allow the unscrupulous calling his PhD fake?

If the accusers have any doubts and misgivings about the level of the work done by him and that a fake degree in doctorate has been awarded by the vetting qualified PhD holders, the investigative journalism of Ansar Abbasi should question the intent and the capacity of the PhD degree awarders in the USA, and not beat about the bush. Is he out with an agenda to snub at the literariness, with motto; the more the illiterate in the country the better for the Taliban.

The article by Journalist Ansar Abbasi in The News (International) dated 11 July 2010, is a malaise, with the mundane heading: ‘Babar Awan’s University not recognised by HEC’ (Higher Education Commission Islamabad). The point is what was the date since the HEC stopped recognising that University, that is to say if later than 1978-1979 when Dr Babar Awan obtained his PhD, then this non recognition from the HEC does not affect Bar Awan’s degree validation in Pakistan. The Monticello university where from Dr Babar Awan obtained his PhD was stopped in 2003. Dr Babar Awan is aware of the laws and he asserts, ‘he will continue to use the title of Dr’.

This must put wiseChairman Parliamentary Education Committee? What business he has to ascertain the validity of a PhD degree vis `a vis a qualifying degree that was necessary  for parliamentary election, enough as it is he shouts Bud Tameez -you of bad manners, at thecabinet minister in the TV Talk show of Kashif Abbasi on 27th of November 2009,  and gets away with it. His education and manners are far lacking in the requirement for the MLA even with a degree in his pocket.And the Chairman CEC and the journalists like Ansar Abbasi the misnomer, maturating and inconspicuously trying to derail education and harming politics in the country through their impediments are degradative burden on the conscious of the country.

Ansar Abbasi is constrained and so is the casual journalist Roedad Khan. The faith shortcoming has hit them for their following a Fiqah, wherein in its fundamental of faith it does not have Adl - the Justice, as Shias have in their fundamental principles. Therefore if they show evaporated justice in their narrative and in their expressionsin the TV talks that is understandable, but the surprise was the narrative of Ardeshir Cowasjee, he writes lines in Dawn newspaper on 4 July 2010: ‘Babar Awan does not behave like a PhD ... his degree is fake etc’.  One would remind him of the Zoroastrianism which says: Ashem Vohu, vahishtem asti, Ushta asti, ushta ahmai - Think good thought, Speak good word, Do good deed. But Cowasjee seems on this issue, he has fallen apart of it.

Babar Awan is an orator, a powerful writer, a competent professional, a competent manager, parliamentarian and every bit doing justice to the name of a PhD degree holder. When he appeared in the Supreme Court, 12 learned ministers escorted him and not one matriculation pass journalist or a doctor of medicine turned journalist so vocal against PPP, displaying his misfit badge turned up there to support righteousness. What standard do they have in morality? What complaint Ardeshir Cowasjee has against Babar Awan save that he is a PPP stalwart and PPP is that against which he often writes.

But writing unjustifiably is a striking of a blow and if with intent to denigrate someone that is a crime. I remember Cowasjee writes about the Taliban baker Shazad Butt in Lahore. He killed Zahoor ul Aekhlaq the Ace Artist in Pakistan in 1999 because he thought it was against the tenets of Islam to make pictures, which Zahoor ul Aekhlaq did. The justice system in Pakistan is such that because he was a Muslim Extremist, he the baker is still roaming around, getting away with the punishment so far. And the journalist’s work slaughtering someone’s reputation with the blunt knife of the half-baked rumours is the same.

The journalists by and large have no respect for the learned. They are the same category in extremism for their Chauvinistic views as the Muslim Extremist Taliban. They indulge only in bickering behind the guise and the name of analysis of issues. They do not acknowledge any appraisals and criticism of them sent to them. Their work is not literary but a Rose-Murrah – the daily event stating. What paucity of formative ideas is hovering in them! The TV stations run by them have not music soothing to ears, at least there, no intellectualism was needed, only vision and taste and even that they do not have. They do not know the values of Marshal Music which is missing from the signature tunes of the TV stations like Geo and the ARY and they have only repetitious trumpets and the blaring and the shrills in their presentation.

What field do they excel in, except scandalous gibberish they organise in panel form? And if someone like Punjab poked at them they cried hoarse. There is one regular journalist Nazir Naji though who has excelled in writing. And what beautiful verses he devises and writes on the occasion of the tainted NRO judgement given by the 17 member panel of judges under the command of the much trumpeted C.J. The journalist, besides possessing a literary whack that he is pouring out from his pen, also has a clear thinking mind. Only once it wavered when he wrote against Zardari when he was in jail and then he apologised. The journalist gems the paper on 22.1.2010, with the poetic verses in his article ‘Aa-eeni Bohran’ – the constitutional crisis and wins a place in history for the accuracy and the pertinence in expression:

Daman Peh Ko-ee Chheint Na Khanjar Peh Ko-ee Dagh
Tum Qatl Karo Ho Keh Karamat Karo Ho

Neither a minor dab on the front of the skirt nor a stain on the dagger
You do slaying or do miracles.

And one excelling in impartial analysis is the journalist Najam Sethi, a trusted friend of all. On the occasion of his interview with Dr Babar Awan on 12th July 2010, on his question, describing of the petition against the fake degree holders, Dr Awan said it was engineered to bring about midterm election. He says, ’there was a method in madness’, and said, ‘They wanted to snatch the blanket of democracy’ (he meant of the poor) and quoted Mian Nawaz Sharif who said on the 11th of July, ‘if such massive resignations come because of fake degrees then there has to be a midterm election.’ And he says to them: stop! His Fil Badeeh - off the cuff verse is:

Aaisa Na Ho Kih Dard Banay Dard La Jawab

Aaisa Na Ho Kih Tum Bhi Madawa Na Kar Sako

Lest it happens that the pain becomes pain without cure

Lest it happens that you also cannot bring the cure

Dr Babar Awan is frugal, he does not waste words and he is bubbling with nervous energy, looking to find venue to drill through the dark alleys of hypocrisy and disdain, and bring democracy to brightness and sun shine. And the nation is not ungrateful, it shall always remain thankful to that Nawab with his hubble-bubble Nawab Nasrullah Khan Marhoom wa Maghfoor, - not among us and the forgiven, a symbol of Pakistan. Babar Awan’s literariness and political acumen matches with him or his with him.

And just for measures to assess and set the standard of the PhDs in humility, honour and humanism, there was Professor Michael Polkey FRCP, PhD of the Royal Brompton Hospital London. He is specialist in the respiratory ailment and a long list awaits for an appointment with him, but look there he comes out of his consulting room, pushing the wheel chair of my wife and disallowing my son to do it and when I see that happening I am out only left to pray for him.

All this praise for the two journalists picked up as specimen is though marred when they are hit by incompetency in not acknowledging and not replying any note, column, letter sent to them. And this was a serious challenge to them to devise and regulate and extend respect to other’s rights to speak and let them remember to furnish them with a reply.

And truly Pakistan is all the better for having a Babar Awan in the field of politics. Where he is wrong and why is he despised. Is not justice abandoning us in this wicked hate to be eaten up by our evils? The journalists and the critics should salute Babar Awan for setting a precedent in obtaining a PhD while still at work – look at his capacity! He was not the blue-eyed boy, who went to Oxford or to Aligarh, but he made his grade through hard work and in spite of the tortures inflicted by Nawaz Sharif and his team of executioners during his rule, he rose and made a place challenging ignobility. And he has the capacity to take millions of Rupees in fees and what he can do in argument the CJs Chaudhari Mohammad Iftekhar and Khwaja Sharif combined cannot do. And it was the sharp eye of Benazir Bhutto who picked him up directly and infused in him authority with the appointment of Finance Secretary in 2004 of the PPP. The boars must relent in their passions and remain subdued, they cannot run down the elephants, they cannot.


Sayed Athar Husain Naqvi

For Afkar-e Shia (Shia thought)





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