Jelly Bean Dreams.

Jelly Bean Dreams.


(-the dilemma of an 8 year old in braces.)



Jelly beans,
can't grace
my mouth
it seems,
because they'd
have to
cross a bridge,
where they'd
get caught.

So I just
brace myself,
leaving them
on the shelf,
all the red
and pink ones,
my allowance bought.

Jelly beans,
will stay
within my dreams,
not part of
my cuisine,
under the
strict regime,
set by my
dental team.

But when
my brace

works done,
I plan on
having fun,
by eating
every one,
I'll eat both
red and pink,
six thousand
two I think.

on the brink,
of  food depravity,
my jelly beans 
of gravity,
Who cares
if I do
get a cavity!

      ~~~~~~~~~MFB III

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