Jesus Freak: A Man Not to Date

The Man no Woman Should Date


He’d holler, “AMEN!”

And clap his large hands


Yet, at night

he’d come to me

and sex me in the dark’s mystic silence.

Every Sunday,

he’d smile and wink

at all the pretty young sistas

donned in cheap, tight skirts

Yet, he’d enthusiastically

put in his minuscule offering

and shake

the Reverend’s hand.

In his solitudes,

he’d burn his nose hairs

with the white stuff

and conceal his stash

before the day’s revelation.

And they thought

he was a Good Man

a man in Church,

a man in the WORD.

and he was a good man for me.

Singing “Hallelujah”, “Praise the Lord”

and “Preach it, Reverend So-and-So” .

That Holy-Rollin’, hand-clapping,

double-sided mother---

(and don’t you know

you couldn’t swear around him?)

Doped up

and in a violent rage

throwing up his arms

and lashing out

“Shut the fuck up!” he’d shout.

The Holy-Roller.

Mr. Right.

Hand-shaking, hymnal-holding ,choir-singing,

“God bless”ing, Bible-thumper

who had no place to live

Because no one wanted

a Freeloader, a Womanizer,

a Druggie, a broke-ass,

a Pretender.

No one.

Not even me.

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Haseena Firdousia profile image

Haseena Firdousia 3 years ago from India

Nice poem.

cohoyo1 profile image

cohoyo1 3 years ago from Barrington, Rhode Island Author

Thanks so much!

ExoticHippieQueen 3 years ago

I love this. You brought this true (right?) character to life in this poem. He was just a phony, two-face loser. I know the type well. You nailed him. Thanks for the follow!

cohoyo1 profile image

cohoyo1 3 years ago from Barrington, Rhode Island Author

Thanks. Yep, all true! :)

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