My grandpa's Jokes

A ghostly woman:

1)One dark stormy night ,a driver stops his empty bus to pick up an ashen-faced woman .She grunts what sounded like thank you and makes her way to the back of the vehicle .Unsettled by his odds ,raven haired passenger ,the driver glances back at her in the mirror several times as he winds his way down a country road .Suddenly ,there is a flash of lighting and when the driver sees in the mirror .the woman is gone .

shocked ,he slams hard on brakes .He looks again in the mirror .The woman reappeared ,but blood is tickling down her face .The terrified driver puts his foot down ,Flash ,more lighting and the woman disappears once more .The driver slams even harder on his brakes stopping the bus with a jolt. he nervousl;y glances into the mirror ,the woman is back again in her seat ,this time her face was completely covered with blood and she lets out a piercing scream "could you stop braking the bus ?"I an trying to tie my shoe laces !!

Enjoy your self

A doctor finds "Color problem" the cause of sickness :---

A man goes to a doctor complaining about stomach problem ,the doctor ask him what he's been eating "I only eat pool balls he said red one for breakfast,yellow and orange ones for lunch blue for afternoon snacks ,purple and black for dinner" "I see the problem said the doctor you are not getting enough greens ".

Sensible cheating:-

Tim and Tom applied for the same job ,they took a written test ",you both got the same number of questions wrong" "The H R person tells them "but Tom gets the job ." "If we got same number of questions wrong ,how come that he and not me gets the job?Tom asked indignantly ."well says the HR"one of his answers was better than yours ". "whoa ,how can that be for problem NO 46. Tim wrote "I dont know "where as you wrote me neither".

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JY3502 profile image

JY3502 6 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

Read about a real grandpa...mine. These were pretty good jokes though. My grandpa was a real practical joker.

lotuslove19 profile image

lotuslove19 6 years ago Author

JY3502 ,thats pretty cool to hear! write some of them or send the link where you wrote them.

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