Journey into the Unknown

Journey into the unknown

The macabre mystic power

Warriors of old

Journey to the depths of

Your soul

The spirit world is alive

With ghosts of yesterday

Come explore the phenomenon

Where we stand in the land

Of make believe

Still we stand-alone

In shadows only

Strangers subsist

Journey into your dreams

Living out your fantasy

Realism is no longer there

A soul that's lost searching

For rest

Drifting, itinerant in limbo

Weary and tired

Death knows no mercy

Life lay bare your vulnerability

Going beyond never enough

Seeking out your fears

Leaves you one step closer

To the door that unlocks

The mystery we all behold


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Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

I like this...very spiritual..nice work..thanks! :)

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