Judgement Lapse

Judgement Lapse

On the outside, a well read, earth-toned vessel;
Take a few steps closer, the stickers have peeled;
The edges are worn, and an enlarged inspection,
Reveals chipped corners and imperfections.

The dog gets daily walks and eats healthy,
But, she still died of cancer after six years.
No one watches the cat; mangy and angry,
It scratches its way to a long life.

Overwhelmed with dedication, time ticks too fast.
The anticipation of a false peace is at arms.
Alas, lied to, misled, a judgment lapse happens,
And I cannot do anything about it.

The old saying goes, could-da, would-da, should-da;
And if I knew then, what I know now...
But what I know now, is that if the queen had balls,
She’d be the king.

The past is in stone and there are no tools to fix it.
If forgiveness is granted, we can mold the future.
Ebb the undesirables and strengthen the favorable,

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