Jung bahadur Rana

Jung Bahadur rana was born on wednesday, the 18th of jung 1817. He was the son of kazi Balner singh, by his second wife. Six days after the birth of the child, there was another ceremony- the shashthi pooja, as it is called at which the Hindu goddess of maternity was duly worshipped. On theeleven day was performed the hindu form of basptism, at which the child received the name of Birner singh,which the priests framed with reference to certain rules of astrology. Eight years old, returning from the Durbar, he saw his father's horse tied to a tree by the bridle. he had never ridden a horse before, except when seated upon one for purpose of display or ceremony; and yet he unfastened the bridle and succeeded in clambering upon the back. on may 1st, 1828, jung bahadur was married to the daughter of a nepalese noble man, a chief of the Thappas. In 1837 there was a revolution in nepal. the thappa party had hitherto been all in all the state, and the rival party of the Pandes were sedulously excludedfrom all power. In february 1839 he was married for the second time, to the sister of sanak Singh. This lady afterwards became ther mother of Jagat jang and Jeet jang. In february 1840 the king of Nepal, Rajendra Bikram Shah, went out on an Elephant-hunting expedition, and jung Bhadhur formed one of the party. It was on this occasion that he forced his gallantry on the royal notice, and won favour in the eyes of the King. The hunters had surrounded a wild Elephant, whom they saw no way of imprisoning, when jung Bhadhur dashed forward, rope in hand, asd succeeded in tying up the hind legs of the infuriated tusker at imminent risk to his life. he was made a captain of the artillery on the spot, a reward which redounds very much to the credit of King Rajendra Bikram. Then on the 10th of November following, on a report being made to the king that a leopard was making depredation on the mountain of Dahchoke, His majesty, escorted by a few of his officers, including Jung Bhadur.

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