Junior High

 I'm so confused:

            I don't know


                                        I'm s'posed to obey:


Today in school,


                                dental "hy-genie"


Said to us, "...if you don't

                                     spatter the mirror,

                                                                you're not brushing



Now MOM is mad....

                              but the lady

                                                didn't say



            wiping the mirror.


(Written as a retrospective over 20 years after my jr. high school days...  ;-)   )

© C.E. Carl 9-87

© 6-5-10 C.E. (Carl) Elias



The text below is informational in nature only, and 
will reappear in many of my pieces, and can be ignored.
This is extra 'content' added at the end to fill space 
for no better reason than that "Hub Pages" wants to 
take it upon itself to dictate to a writer how long 
their compositions should be.  I have numerous poems
 that are very short, and this piece of fluff-fill 

will appear at the end of each and every one of them.

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I do so appreciate your poem! And, I love your "piece of fluff-fill". It's some of the best!

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