Just A Handful Of Years And Posies.

Just A Handful of Years and Posies.



We are granted such a brief
passage through innocence,
much like the bunnies
playing in the pasture,
till the predator falls on them,
with razor sharp talons
and teaches them fear,
We dance through the meadows
of perfection with unworried brows
for such a short while.
till that first experience of pain,
of bleeding or hunger,
of losing a loved one,
or by the lust of another.
All predators of life,
sucking the innocence
from our souls.
Oh, how I miss that time
of long lazy days at play,
imaginary worlds believed,
naptimes and the ever present
wrap of a mother and fathers love,
It's all a blur now,
as life rushes at me,
devouring the time
I have left to be
jaded and sad.

\/    /\   /\   \/   ./\


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Micky Dee 6 years ago

Great thoughts!

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