Just After Lunch On A Hum-Drum day.

Just After Lunch on a Hum-Drum Day.

That sparkle

graces your eyes,
with a gleaming

hint of a smile,
as I secretly observe

from across the room,
Both tell me that you

have been swept up
into one of your

lovely daydreams.

We are often

mere pieces of coal,
pressed by the

hardships of life,
into diamond





A Man Can Dream...Can't He?


Your eyes

suck the oxygen
free from my lungs,
my heart pounding
like a hungry


They gaze

briefly at me,
consuming my image
in the heat

of this moment
then blessing

me with a smile.

My soul

swept star-ward,
knees quivering

at the thought,
of watching

those same eyes
close in the

ecstasy of my kiss.

To wake

each dawn to
the sky blue

gaze of you.
God's have

enjoyed less.

Heaven's path

runs through

your arms,
its windows

your eyes,
please take

me to paradise.



My Life Is A Greenhouse.


Time is a tightly

sealed window
through which

we can look back,
through dusty pains,
or crystal clear memories,
and view what

we have left
outside of our lives.

A panoramic,

melancholy glimpse,
over landscapes

we once walked,
but will seldom

cross again.

The present

is the place
where we

are housed
amidst the many

windows to before.

We wander here

for just a short while,
comtemplating the door,
which is the future,
through which we will exit,
adding one

more window,
to the endless

portals of

the past.



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Micky Dee 6 years ago

"Dusty Pains and little gains". Thanks MFB.

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