Just Another Vacancy??

Hard to breath,

and getting up's

just a hassle,

what for?


Endless hours

of nothingness,

your smile a

distant curve

thrown elsewhere.


Your lips still tantalize,

like a three carat

diamond in a jewelry

store window,

beyond my reach. 


I'm broke, and

love is the glue,

dried and cracked

in the hollow

of my heart.


You were my

girl next door,

to whom I never

had the courage

to express, just

how much you

made me feel alive,

and now you've

moved away.


Your empty house

mocks me with

possibilities vanished.


I weep beneath

the hood of my

neighbor pulled.


But I'm O.K.

without you.....

simply because

I never really knew

what with you

was like.


Life will go on

without you,

but without you,

life just goes

on, and on...........

and on.






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Yes it does. Thanks

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