Just Another White Out!

White out!

In a white box on

my white sheets,
where my ivory

skin gleams pale,
as the white blinds

reflect bright beams,
I sip white tea

as thoughts rise
to white ceilings

where they

 bounce back
onto white sheets

penned in gray,
penciled stencils

of reflections,
captured on

a snowy noon.

Is God sitting

somewhere upstairs,
in a white realm

larger still,
comptemplating earth's

great darkness,
where whiter

souls can't exist,
writing poems with

huge white letters,
dot to dot

across the skies,
each a soul who's

gone to join him,
far above where

lovers kiss.

In a white room

somewhere I'll lay,
on white porcelain

to drain,
all life's forces

from my pale flesh,
bright red washed

clean, flushed away
under white stone

they will lay me,
in a box lined

satin white,
much like where

I now am laying,
only smaller,

this my fate.

I should gather

gallon cans

of latex paint,
splatter them

across the starkness,
of this whiteness,

set it free
life's too short to

fill with blankness,
clouds aren't lovely

without blues,
Folks are bland

without their colors,
see the beauty,

share thier dreams
skip the white,

there's other views
add some pigment,

let it loose.



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