Just Kiss Me.

Just kiss me!



Like a waterfall
of auburn tumbling,
your hair falls over
the planes of my craggy face
and spreads out in
lengthy rivulets across me.

Then sweet wetness
is felt across my lips,
as the vacumn of love's
tenderest connection
sucks me into
a whirlpool below,
till I am swept away.

Only to bob gently on
the cushions of your
lifesaving lips held fast.

Together we sail on
the heady pulses of
a blood rushing
journey to the shores of plenty.

All the world fades around us
as we snuggle side by side,
tongues urging each other
onward... sighs filling
the sails of our lungs.
as our hearts pound cadence
and passion is a rising tide.

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seasoning 6 years ago

lucky old you, nice hub

senkumar7 6 years ago

hiiiii so nice

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