Just Lying Around Nature's CAThedral

Just Lion Around In Nature's CAThedral.


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Just close,
your Cat Eyes,
Misty green,
Come sail with me,
On purr-fect seas,
If you please,
to the Islands,
Of CAT-tawba,
Let's CAT-apult,
Then CAT-erwaul,
in harmony,
Purr-suing CAT-skills,
CAT-ching CATfish,
on our sharp claws,
Then we'll make a,
Detailed CAT-alyst,
Pooling money,
from our kitty,
To order goods,
from CAT-alogs,
With a CAT-call,
to the city,
Then at two,
Before we CAT-nap,
I will share with you,
Just one,
Of the,
CAT-o'nine tales,
You so love,
In the Purr-mee-ating sun.
~O~ ~~O~~ ~O~ ~~O~~ ~O~
As we nestle,
Up together,
In the CAT'S-Cradle
We've made,
Till The CAt-er-pillar's
a resting,
then we'll share dreams,
in the shade,
CATTY-cornered 'neath,
the palm trees,
In a CAT-a-tonic state,
With our CAT-guts,
full of pleasure,
Just inside of,
Heaven's gate,
Later, we'll go,
On the prowl in,
With nine lives,
The world's our oyster,
Purrrls are made,
for me and you.


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tnderhrt23 profile image

tnderhrt23 7 years ago

I love this! Very clever word play! Purrr-fectly maaavelous!

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