Just Send Him Or Her This...Then Follow It To The Letter.


Just Send Him or Her This...And Practice What It Preaches.    

My dearest darling,

When we love
let it be more
then just love,
for I have loved before
and seldom found
anything more
than just love.
Let's Co-promise
to each other never to judge,
let us put the words together
and always seek compromise,
Seek to fulfill each
others needs first,
and then satisfy our own,
I will always come last
when I am with you
the one I love and
it is so much more
beautiful for the sacrifice.
Let's always be fri/end/s
ignoring the word end
hidden in the word itself,
We should hold hands often,
take long walks,
kiss like there is
no better candy,
let passion glue
you to my lips.
I remember spending
long hours, just kissing.
It is a taste of heaven on earth!
Never compare others to your love,
the world is full of pretty things
and handsome flesh, but what attracted me
to your love came mostly from the inside.
We all age and only
the eyes remain beautiful,
My dear mother always told me
to marry a woman with beautiful eyes,
and I would always be happy.
And never lose the child in you,
that sense of wonder,
at all your love can offer
and all that is given in return.
Let's play with each other, be silly 
and laugh like hyenas on nitrous oxide.
We must share our love with God,
and ask his blessings
for he created the first love eons ago
with the first man and woman.
Sadly they stumbled from each other
by the tempting of a fruit
that promised they could know all
when all they really needed was
to know each other
to stay in paradise.
Let's Love with every
inch of our souls,
our flesh, and our spirits,
then no man or woman
who recieves such joy
will ever want to part from it.

Life goes on
without love,
but without love,
life just goes on and on,and on.
let our love go on, grow on,
and I will share my life with you
this I promise,  co-promise, and
offer with all my heart and soul,

Love Always,

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