Just a bad dream

Ooh ., when l wake up in the morning,

It seems just like a bad dream...

It seems like you are looking down

At me from heaven

And l hear, no long is your voice calling.,

And all your troubles, set free,

And you no longer have any worries

Like me...

Ooh, when l wake up in the morning,

It seems like just a bad dream.

It doesn’t matter, you are no longer

Her to wipe away my tears..

I see that smile upon your face..

That reminds of our yesterday,

Do l have to moan,

That now l am sitting here alone..

Oh, when l wake up in the morning,

It seem like just a bad dream.....

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Romeos Quill profile image

Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

This is an honest portrayal of the loss of a loved one,and sad,but the realistic overtones of grief are equally offset by the fond memories.Thank you for sharing,and have a lovely evening;


Romeo's Quill

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