Just a few Poems that I wrote

Who I am

 This is me

this is who I am
I am
the music ont the radio
I am
the shows on the television
I am
the clothes on my back
the shoes on my feet
I am
the poetry I write
I am
the songs that I sing
I am the raing in the sky
along with the sun that shines
Don't try to be me
because I am me.
I am a daughter
who looks like her father
who stands and speaks up like her mother
who has quite a bit of friends
they don't take me for granted
no one has to tell me who I am
because I know exactly who I am,
I am me!

Being Me

I don't know what you want me to be
I just wanna be me
I don't wanna live your life anymore
I just wanna do so much more
I have to be me
I just have to do what makes me happy
I just have to be me
I wish you could see
what I have done
but you can't even see
beyond the sun
long enough to see me for me
I don't plan my life
around everybody else
I am the perfect wife
and I just have to be myself!

I have changed

 They think I have changed
well maybe in some ways I have
In other ways, I'm not so sure
I am just the same old me
I have only changed to them
because I met somebody
who taught me how to
speak up and stand up for myelf
None of them
can walk all over me anymore
I am sorry
I have my own mind now
none of them
can fill it full of
their thoughts and ideas anymore
I am trying
to make a life of my own
and start a family
and traditions of my own
they can either choose to be
a part of it or not
the choice is all theirs!!


You don't know who I really am
and I just don't understand
you won't even take the time
to watch me shine

And yet again and again
all of you stand
up for one another
and seem to only love each other

I hate being compared
and I just don't think it's fair
that you want me to be
just like the rest of the family

I am my own person
through all of this exhaustion
one day you will see
the real me
then maybe you will appreciate
me for me!

Not giving In

How bad does this have to get
before you finally realize
that I'm not giving in
to all your lying eyes

No we don't have to quit
cause I know we're all wise
no nobodys leaving
anyone behind
at least not in my eyes

Now why don't you sit
and look into my eyes
cause there ain't no one sayin'
nothing 'bout you behind!!


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K. Burns Darling profile image

K. Burns Darling 5 years ago from Orange County, California

I like these very much! I look forward to reading more hubs by you.

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