Bodrum Cocktail

The Game

            “Shit.”, I yelled as my pencil lead broke once again.

            “What’s wrong?” Allison called from the kitchen.

            “Nothing.” I answered back.  Yeah, right nothing.  Work had not been going well and my deadline was coming up.  Why did I take that advance?  I knew I couldn’t meet the deadline.  Jack is going to scream.  But what can you do, a writer can only write at his own pace.  Jack knows that.  I decided that I would go down to the bar and get a drink.  Allison said she’d meet me later and out the door I went.  The heat of the summer had come.  I always liked the heat, the sun I could do without, but the heat made me feel alive.  The months of the cold in New England made me truly savor sweating.  We left near the beginning of spring, had to get away a bit.

            Our Bodrum house was always a good place to write.  There was enough action going on around us and the beach club was right outside our door.  That’s where I relaxed.  There is nothing like having a few drinks in the shade watching the girls at the beach.  I’m a people watcher and I especially like to watch the beautiful girls that spent their days at our beach.  Allison didn’t seem to mind this fascination that I had, which made being here ever more pleasant.  I got to the bar seconds later and sat at my usual table.  It wasn’t a very large bar.  The food wasn’t anything to write home about and the service was lacking, but I liked it.  It was around midday.  The beach, I say beach as that is what it is called there, is actually more like a dock along the waterside.  It was made of wood and clean like the teak of a yacht.  Above the beach were a number of tables under the shade of small trees. In between the tables and where I was sitting is the road that ran along the seafront, with its constant traffic and never ending excitement.  It was a narrow road, where only one car could pass comfortably.  Two could pass should they drive very slowly.  The fun would enviably come when a truck or bus would come down and one of the drivers, either truck, bus or car, would have to reverse until the other could pass.  Occasionally, a fight would break out as they would decide who should reverse.  Needless to say, there was never a dull moment.

             I ordered a beer and lit a cigarette.  Setting out my gaze like a fishing net trying to see what my eye would catch, I noticed Michael Brennan.  Michael was a good friend from Istanbul days.  I caught his eye.  He waved and headed over to my table.

            “John, you old boy how are you doing?” he said in his sweet Irish voice, “I haven’t seen you around.”

            “We’ve been in America.  How’s everything?”  I said offering him a seat.

            “Good, good, we’re still in Istanbul.”

            “Are you and Kathleen back together?” I said amazed.

They fought like cats and dogs and the last we heard they were splitting up.

“Of course.  We had separated for a while, but she couldn’t live without me.”  He laughed.

Michael sat down and I ordered him a beer.  He looked good. He must be getting close to fifty, not that that was old; I wasn’t very far from that myself, he just seemed to be aging well.

“How’s the writing going?”

“Slower than I would like.”

“What’s the story?”

“It’s about a bunch of old farts trying to be teenagers.”  I answered, “It’s about our days in Florida.”

We both laughed.  Michael, although I consider him a friend from Istanbul, had been a friend for a long time, even before our discovery of Turkey.  We lived near each other in Florida so many years ago, when we were both single.  We met Allison and Kathleen at the same time.  The beers came and the waiter poured them into our glasses and walked away in a slow sulk.

“What’s his problem?” Michael asked.

“Who the hell knows, probably hung over?  You know how these kids are.” I said taking a sip of my beer, “he was probably out late last night and now he’s feeling like hell, especially with the heat.”

“It hasn’t been that bad.”

“No.  Not that bad.”

Michael took a long drink of his beer finishing half of it.  He poured the rest from the bottle and leaned back into his chair.

“We should have dinner tonight.” He said.

“We’ll see. I’m sure that Allison would like to see Kathleen.”

“Well, I’ll have to finish this and go find Kathleen. She went shopping and will want me to help her carry whatever up to our room.”

“Where are you staying?”  I asked.

“Oh, just up the road.  Here’s my number.” He handed me a card with his cell phone number on it, “Call me later.”

Michael got up and started off down the road.  He walked with a happy step.  It had been a long time since I had seen him so happy.  Being back together must be doing him some good.  As I was thinking this, Allison snuck up behind me.

“Would you like some company, mister?”  She whispered in my ear.

“Yes I would but I’m expecting my wife.”

She came from behind me, with a little sneer and sat down.

“Wise ass”

“Do you know who was just here?  You’ll never guess.”

“Okay who?”

“Michael Brennan.”

“Oh, you’re kidding.” She smiled motioning to the waiter to come.

“How is he?”

“He’s very good.  Kathleen and him are still together.”

“Really, I thought that would have finished by now.  They were going at it pretty badly before we left.” She said as the waiter came and she motioned for two more beers.

“You wanted one, I’m sure.”

“What do you think?” I said smiling back at her.

She sat back and studied the beach.  I really have a beautiful wife, I thought to myself staring at her profile.  She was a few years younger than me and although not in her twenties she certainly looked as though she was.  Her skin was as tight as an eighteen year old and she had a body that would make a supermodel jealous. That was at least how I pictured her.  My eyes might have been blurred slightly by my love for her especially as she very often complained of one imperfection or another.  I saw none of that. Strangely enough, she actually made me see the imperfections of everyone else, even the beauties across the road. The beers came.

“What do you think of her?” Allison asked pointing to a Lolita across the road, “Now that even I have to say is sexy.”

“I don’t know.” I said searching for an imperfection, although not to appease Allison, it just happened to be something that I did, “There’s something wrong with her face.”

“Have to find something, don’t you.” She laughed looking at me with a glint in her eye, knowing that I thought the girl was very attractive, “Wouldn’t you like me to look like that?”

“Well, she’s a rather pretty girl but that’s just it.  She’s just a girl.”

My wife smiled, knowing what I meant.  Girls can have the looks, the bodies; everything but what they don’t have and what is most important is the experience and assurance that comes with age.  What that girl may become in ten or fifteen years may be something else, but right now she’s like a sculpture, nice to look at but rather boring to have dinner with.

“Oh, Michael wants to have dinner with us tonight.” I told her.

“That should be fun.  I actually miss Kathleen very much.”

“You never had a great love for Michael though, did you?” I asked.

“He never grew on me.  I can stand him but that’s about it.” She said, “I’m going to take a dip.”

 Allison finished her beer, stood up and removed the shorts she was wearing.  She put them on her chair and crossed the road.  I lit a cigarette as I watched her walk down the steps to the beach.  She slowly climbed down the ladder into the water.  She looked up and smiled, happy to have my gaze.  After she floated off into the sea, my studying continued.  The girl that Allison commented on followed her into the sea, but came out only a minute later.  She was lovely and something to be desired, but I still couldn’t get the thought out of my head that beauty was only one thing.  I felt like an artist studying a model for a portrait as I watched her.  She was a good model.  Her movements determined and graceful provided a good image for my work.  Slender yet muscular, her shape and grace almost matched that of one of my characters.  I began thinking of working again.  I took out my notebook and put pen to paper once again.

“What are you doing?”  A voice asked.

“I’m working on a novel.” I said abruptly trying not to lose my train of thought.

“Okay, that sounds exciting.” The voice said again.

I looked up and saw that the voice came from the same girl we had been watching just minutes before.  It was a soft voice with an American accent, possibly southern but not strong enough for me to tell.

“Yeah, it may sound exciting but sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass.” I said looking closely into her face as to commit it to memory, she was my character.

“I hope all goes well for you.” She said walking away to the bar.

Allison returned from her swim.  She had noticed the girl talking to me and sat down with a devilish look on her face.

“And what was that all about?” she asked.

“She just asked me what I was doing.” I responded not taking Allison’s bait, “Worried that I am going to run off with her?”

“Not really.  She wouldn’t take you.” Allison laughed.

The girl walked back from the bar and sat just behind Allison thus ending our discussing of her.  Allison called the waiter over again and ordered another beer for both of us.

“Are you planning to work now or can we talk?”

“We can talk if you want.  It’ rather nice to have someone want to talk to me so much.”

She smirked, “well, when you’re working it gets difficult.”

“I know.  I’m sorry about that.” I said, taking her hand into mine.

“You don’t have to be sorry.  I’m just being selfish.”

“No you’re not.  You deserve to have me spend more time with you.”

Allison smiled and started retelling her trip to Istanbul, which I had been unable to join. She spoke smoothly, but with a happy excitement that was difficult to contain.  It had been a productive trip as she got to see all of our old friends that we had left behind when we moved back to the states.  I smiled the whole time as she spoke, commenting when necessary however mainly just enjoying watching her speak.  Allison had a wonderful way of speaking.  Her language was not modern, being from the south originally it was the language of a southern belle, although she had lost her accent from her years in New York.

“Do you think we could go in a few weeks?” she asked as sweetly as if she was asking for special birthday present that was very expensive.

“We’ll have to see.  You know my deadline and I’m not quite there but if I really work at it maybe.” I answered trying not to crush her hopes.

“Okay, then I’ll let you get back to work.” She responded hopeful, “Plus I have to get ready for dinner.”

“I’ll be coming up in a little while, okay.”

“Whatever helps you work.”

“Thanks.” I said as she got up and gathered her things, “I’ll see you later.”

Allison left and I got back to work.  The girl was still sitting there having a beer and a sandwich.  I looked up from my notebook and caught her eyes staring at me.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked being a little upset at being stared at.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry.  I was just kind of watching you.” She said softly.

“I can see that.” I said looking back down at my words.

“Can I ask you a question?” she asked.

“You already have.”

“Funny, ha ha, no, how do you actually sit down to write a novel?” she asked in a way that I almost thought her sincere.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m a writer myself, well not really a writer, I’m just doing some travel pieces for a local magazine.  It pays the bills, but it’s not real writing.  I don’t know, how can you sit down and come up with characters and stories and keep them together?” She asked not taking a breath.

I looked at her for a moment.  It was funny; she didn’t seem the Venus that I had thought earlier.  This was a girl who thought, however simply.  A true interest came out of her words and in her eyes as she watched for a response.  I truly had to think about this one. Here was an aspiring writer asking me how to write.  This is not something that happens to me every day.  How does one answer such a question?  Do I really have an answer?  I looked at her very carefully, trying to develop an answer in my mind.  As brilliant as I consider myself all I could come up with was. “I don’t exactly know.”

“Oh, come on. You have to know, you’re doing it.”

“Give me a second.”

Again I went into thought about what I did and how I did it.  I rambled through my books in my mind, how they were written the memories of putting the words down.  I thought of the feeling I have when I stop writing and look down at the words I have scratched on the paper, what these words look like together.

“The most important part of writing,” I started, “is getting the first word down.  After that all that I do is live in another world whenever the pen touches the paper.  It’s like being in a dream.  I follow my characters with my words, seeing what they do, becoming them, knowing how they think and act.  I don’t create anything. It’s already there.  I just experience it.  And my words are the result.”

“I understood nothing.” She stared back at me blankly, “Can you put that into English.”

“Have you ever written any fiction?” I asked.

“In school, but they were stupid little stories.”

“Do you really want to write, or are you happy being a travel writer.”

“Actually I like my job.  I would like to write someday though.”

“Well, all I can say is you just have to get down to it.” I said closing my notebook.

I finished my beer and asked for the bill.  I was feeling quite superior, having writing questions posed to me.

“My name’s Caroline.” She said, “What’s yours?”


“Well, John, it’s been nice talking to you.  I hope to see you again, are you staying around here?”

“Our house is around the corner, there.” I said motioning up the road.

“I’m staying down the road a bit; hope to bump into you again.” She smiled.

“Probably will.” I said handing the bill to the waiter, “This is not a very big place.  Well, I’d better be going.”

I stood and turned to leave.  As I walked out of the bar, I turned around again for a moment catching her eye once again.  Was she flirting with me, I thought to myself.  Yeah right, John, you’re not that good looking anymore and you’re not that interesting.  Still I smiled to myself at the prospect that a very attractive young girl may have just flirted with me, a good afternoon all together.  I walked back to the house and let myself in.  Allison was out of the shower and dancing around in her dressing gown in the kitchen.

“I’m back.” I called up to her

“Hi, honey, I’m glad you’re home.”

I walked into the kitchen, “You seem extraordinarily happy today.”

“Not really, they’re just playing great music.”

“Get some work done.” She asked as she made me a cup of coffee.

“A tiny bit, then remember that girl that sat behind us?”

“The gorgeous one with the big tits.” She said with a little sneer in her eye.

“That’s the one.”


“Well, she started asking me questions about writing.”

“A fan then.”

“No, she’s a travel writer, but she’s interested in writing fiction.”

“Are you sure that’s what she was interested in?” Allison smiled lighting a cigarette.

I smiled back taking a cigarette out of the pack on the table and walked out onto the balcony.  I looked out over the bay.  It was such a calming view with the mountains surrounding the sea, their peaks covered in a haze so as to not see clearly, but knowing that they were there.  I looked down to the beaches and the road still lively with excitement, no one yet having enough of life.  I picked up the phone from the table and called Michael.  We arranged a time for dinner, nine o’clock and he apologized for not being able to come around earlier for drinks as Kathleen had promised someone or other that they would visit.

“Are you going to lie down?” Allison asked pouring herself a glass of water.

“In a minute.” I told her, lighting another cigarette.

She said okay and retired to the bedroom.  I was feeling tired and knew that if I didn’t sleep now I wouldn’t be able to.  I put my cigarette out and went inside.  The air conditioner was on and there was a shock of cool air as I walked through the balcony door.  I walked over to my desk and read what I had written in the morning.  Not bad, I thought although it could use some work, just not flowing like it should.  I have always hated editing my work, but I have found that it must be done, over and over and over again.  Nothing comes out right in the beginning.  I remember when I started writing. Then I would never revise anything, ever so amateur.  At least that’s what the first critics said.  But right then I was tired, and it began to hit me just how tired.  Working and the beers had done me in.  I stopped thinking about everything and went to bed.

“John, are you going to get up and get ready?” Allison asked as she sat doing her make-up.

“What time is it?”

“Seven thirty”

“Okay, I guess I’ve slept enough.” I said getting out of bed “Would you like a coffee?”

“If you’re making some, sure.” Allison said, her eyes never leaving the mirror.

I went to the kitchen and made coffee for the both of us.  I carried Allison’s coffee into the bedroom and placed it down on her dressing table.

“Thanks sweetie.” She said looking up at me, “You’re so sweet.  It’s no wonder why attractive little girls want to talk to you.”

”Oh, please.  She just had a question about writing.  Writers are not that easily found so she took her chance.” I said heading back out of the room.

“You’re cute, but oblivious.  That girl wanted more than to ask you questions about writing.  You are such foolish little man.”

“If I am, I am.  Still I’m just your little man.”

I returned to the balcony with my coffee.  I lit a cigarette and sat down.  It was still hot and the beach was only almost empty, as there were still hangers-on sitting chatting to each other.  I was waking up slowly.  After my coffee and cigarette were finished, I went back inside and headed to the bathroom for a shower.  Coming out I dressed in my favorite white pants and white shirt. Allison was dressed beautifully in a light white cotton dress that accentuated her tanned skin wonderfully.

“You look fantastic.” I told her, “spin around, I like the way that dress moves.”

She spun like a schoolgirl and the dress floated out away from her body.

“You’ve always been a fool for me in this.” She smiled, “Can I have a drink?”

“Of course, what will it be?”

Allison asked for a gin and tonic, which I made for her just the way she liked, not much gin, lots of ice and lots of tonic.  I made myself a rakı and we sat out on the balcony.

“Isn’t the sky beautiful tonight?” she said taking a sip of her drink, “Great G and T, thanks.”

“That’s quite alright.  Would you care for a cigarette?”

“Of course.” She said stretching out her hand and taking one from me, “Got a light?”

I handed her the lighter then took a cigarette for myself out of the pack.

“How are you feeling tonight?” I asked.

“Actually, I’m feeling great.  I’m very happy and everything is so beautiful. I’m also so happy to get to see Kathleen after so long.”

“I am as well.  I’ve missed them.  Although I know that you don’t get along with Michael that much, I enjoy them as a couple.  They’re great fun.” I said taking a sip from my drink.

“It’s not that I don’t like Michael, It’s just that he drinks a little too much and he’s loud.  Plus, it’s been a long time since he and Kathleen didn’t spend all their time fighting.  Maybe that’s what I didn’t like.”

“I know what you mean.  He was difficult to deal with when they were having their bad times.”

“Yeah, but that’s all I can remember.”

“I guess I did spend more good times with Michael, before we met.  But then again, he and I were always trouble in those days.”

Allison smirked and reached for another cigarette.  I lit one for her and handed it to her.  I went back inside and took out another pack.

“Allison, do you think we should get moving?”  I said looking at the time.

“Okay, I’m coming.”  She said getting up from the table.

 Allison picked up her purse from off the kitchen table and headed towards the door.  I grabbed the keys and the cell phone.  Allison was waiting on the front step when I came out.  I locked the door and turned around.  The restaurant was only a block away so we walked, hand in hand.  Michael and Kathleen were already sitting at the far table which had the best view of the beach.  Michael stood up and waved to us to come over.  They both wore matching white shirts with Kathleen in a skirt and Michael in pants.

“Well, good evening.” Michael said in his sweet Irish voice, “It’s so nice to see you again, Allison.”

“It’s nice to see you as well.” Allison leant over and kissed Michael on the cheek, “Kathleen, how have you been?”

“Fine, fine, how’s everything been with you?” Kathleen smiled back.

I went into the restaurant to grab a waiter to give him our drink orders.  After doing so, I returned to the table.  Allison and Kathleen were sitting with their backs to the rest of the restaurant.   Michael sat across from Allison.  He was explaining how Kathleen and he reconciled their differences.

“I was just telling Allison how, Kat took me back.” He said as I sat next to him.

“Well, there wasn’t much I could do.” Kathleen smiled, “He looked so pathetic, on his hands and knees like that.  What could I do?”

“It seemed to do both of you a world of good. Kathleen, you look fantastic.” Allison said.

The waiter came with our drinks.  Another came to our table with a plate of marinated olives, tomatoes and cucumbers.  We raised our drinks and toasted each other.

“We really have to try and stay in touch better.” Kathleen stated, picking a cucumber stick off the plate.

“That’s all John’s fault.  You know how he is.  He never keeps in touch with anyone.”

“Of course, I am sorry for that.  Work has been not the most pleasant.”

“Allison, you really have a spoiled little boy there,” Michael started to laugh, “He’s not happy sitting around all day scribbling words down in his notebooks.”

“Like you do anything.” Kathleen snuck in.

“What are you doing these days?” Allison asked to Michael.

“I’m retired.”

“From exactly what I don’t know.” Kathleen laughed.

At that moment, Caroline walked into the restaurant.  She waited for a moment to be seated.  The waiter directed her to the table just behind Allison.  For some reason I felt uneasy. It could have been what Allison had said as she was dressing or maybe it was the dress that Caroline was wearing.  It was rather revealing and she looked extremely good in it.  She caught my eyes and I nodded hello.

“Your fan’s here.” Allison smiled across the table turning back around from looking who I nodded to.

“Who’s this?” Michael asked.

“Just some,” I started.

“Some little fan who wants to get into his pants.”  Allison interrupted.

“Aren’t you going to let him?” Michael laughed.

“I think that saved our marriage quite a few times.”

“Yes but it went both ways.” Kathleen added.

The table went silent.

“We’re joking.” Kathleen broke the silence, “We’ve never been into anything like that.”

“Neither have we.” I said smiling at Allison.

Nor would I ever tell that much about our private lives, I thought.  We didn’t have the perfect marriage, well not perfect in the normal sense of the word.  We loved each other like crazy.  We fought more often that anyone knew and sometimes it could get rather ugly.  And there were infidelities, not from me however.  Allison had been unfaithful, but somehow I didn’t mind.  They meant nothing and I knew that.

“Should I ask her to join us?” Allison looked at me.

“Yes, why not, it would be fun.”  Michael said.

Kathleen agreed.  Allison and Kathleen turned around introduced themselves and invited the young girl to share our table as it seemed that she was eating alone.

“I couldn’t.” she said smiling shyly.

“Oh, come on.  You already know John, here.” Allison pointed at me causing Caroline to slightly blush.

“Yes, come join us.” I said joining in the game.

Caroline finally broke down and Allison called for a waiter.  An extra chair was placed at the head of the table between Allison and myself.  Before the waiter left the table another round of drinks was ordered and we all grew more acquainted with our new guest.  As time passed and more drinks came and went, the atmosphere slowly moved from the quiet reminiscing of old friends to the loud frivolity of our old days.

“We really should be going.” Michael said, his voice slurring from the drinks.

“Come on, it’s still early.” I pleaded.

“Come on Kat.” He got up, “I’ve had enough.”

“Can’t close a bar anymore?” I laughed.

“We have friends from the states coming in tomorrow.” He answered.

“Oh, I see.  Well, you better be going then.  Let’s keep in touch.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” Allison said to Kathleen, “And to tell you everything.”

“Okay.” Kathleen said, unable to say anything more.

 It was twelve o’clock when the left.  Allison lit a cigarette and motioned for the waiter.

“Are you up for another round, or do you have friends coming in?” she asked.

“I’m fine. Can I have a cigarette?” Caroline asked Allison.

Allison took one out of her pack and gave it to her.  After she lit it, we changed places at the table.  I sat where Michael had been, Allison moved to sit across from me and Caroline moved to Allison’s seat.  The drinks came.  I lit a cigarette and watching the boats moving on the sea across from the restaurant.

“So, do you have a boyfriend?” Allison asked.

“No.  I seem to travel too much for my job.” Caroline answered, “Plus, I can’t seem to find anyone decent.”

“That can be hard.  I still seem to be looking.”

The girls laughed.  I stayed silent not paying very much attention.  I was in another world, thinking of my work.  That always happened when Allison would find someone to talk to.  My mind would just drift.

“Are you there?” Allison asked.

“Sorry, just working.”

“Is he always like that.”

“He can be.  I don’t mind too much though.  He is a very sweet husband and is always doing things for me.”

“That must really be nice; I mean to have someone to do things for you.”

“It is.” Allison said noticing my attention was lost again, “But sometimes it’s like he’s not here.”

“I see what you mean.”

The girls sat smiling at me watching my face as though it was a million miles away, only coming back to earth to take a drink or have a cigarette.

“Sometimes it does get lonely.” Allison remarked with more honestly than she normally felt comfortable, the drink was getting the better of her.

“What do you mean?”

Allison looked carefully at the girl’s face and with a long silence as if not sure of what she wanted to say or what secret she would let out.

“I’ve had affairs.” She whispered.

“Really?” Caroline moved closer, “Does he know?”

“Yes, he has been so good about it.” Allison stopped, “So good, that I thought he was cheating as well.  You know that was the worst thing.”


“The fact that he never got angry about it, that’s what so difficult and painful about it. He made me feel like such a horrible person.”

“I’m sure he didn’t mean to.” Caroline said looking at me, my eyes off in the distance not listening to anything, “Are you sure he wasn’t cheating as well.”

Allison nodded, “I’m sure.  I don’t know how I would have felt if he was.  I have always been sure of his love and all that but, he’s rather kinky, if you know what I mean.  Well I’m sure you know about his books.”

“I know of them but I haven’t read anything.”

“They’re rather sensual.”  Allison said.

“Should we call it a night?” I asked, feeling a little tired but not really sure what I wanted to do.

“Why don’t we go back to the house and take a swim?” Allison suggested.

It was agreed.  Caroline excused herself from the table to return to her room and grab a bathing suit.  I asked for the bill.  We waited only a short time for the waiter and I paid for the lot.  Caroline came down a minute later and we prepared to leave.  I lit a cigarette and followed the girls, who were chatting and laughing like schoolgirls along the road.

“You live here?” Caroline asked as I put the key into the lock.

“Yeah, we’ve been coming here for quite some time.” Allison explained.

We went inside and up the stairs.  The pool was on the back terrace.  Not an overly large pool, just enough to cool you off during the hot summer nights.  Swimming at night was a great pleasure of Allison’s.

“You can change in here.” Allison said showing her the small cabana near the entrance of the terrace, “We’ll be back in a minute.”

Allison and I left Caroline at the pool and headed to our bedroom to change into our bathing suits.

“She’s really cute, don’t you think?” Allison asked me slipping off her dress.

“Very sweet.”

“I should be careful though.  She really does have the hots for you.” Allison laughed.

“Please.  Allison, you know I only want you.  No one could ever make me stray.”

“Somehow that’s hard to believe.  She doesn’t do anything to you.” She asked, resting her chin on my shoulder.

“What’s she supposed to do to me?”

“Turn you on; she is a very sexy little girl.”

“Of course she does that, but you’re the only woman for me.”

Allison smiled and finished dressing.  She brushed her hair and looked at herself in the mirror making sure she looked alright.  I watched her as she inspected herself.  How could I ever fall for anyone else when I have her, I thought, she is just it. Allison finished preening herself and took me by the hand and led me to the pool.

Caroline was already swimming when we returned.

“Would you like a beer?” Allison called out to her.


“Angel, would you get us some beers?” She asked in her sweet tone, a tone I hadn’t heard in quite some time.

I smiled and headed off to the kitchen, returning only a moment later.  Allison had joined Caroline in the pool and both were leaning on the side of the pool waiting for me to return.  I open the beers and placed them down in front of the girls.

“Here you are.”

“Thanks, are you coming in?” Allison asked.

“I’m just going to have a cigarette.”

“Oh, come on, you don’t need that.” Caroline said.

“Let him be.  If he doesn’t have it he’ll be cranky.” Allison explained.

I sat down on the deck chair near the other side of the pool. I lit my cigarette, sat back and took a sip of my beer.  The moment was perfect.  A beer and a cigarette after a wonderful meal and my wife and a beautiful young girl frolicking in our pool, I thought as my mind drifted in and out.

“Come on” Allison broke my concentration, “get your ass in here.”

“Okay, Okay.” I answered getting up and removing my shirt.

“Isn’t this nice?” Allison said as I slowly entered the water.

“Very.” I agreed, placing my beer down next to the girls’.

“It’s really nice having you here as well, Caroline.” Allison commented, “You’re quite a bit of fun.”

“Thank you, you’re a lot of fun as well.” Caroline answered, “Well that is except John here, you’re a boring old fart.”

The girls laughed and finished their beers “We need another round, my boring old fart.”

“You think that bothers me.”  I said climbing out of the pool, “I’m quite content with my personality.”

I got out and headed towards the kitchen.  I wasn’t in the least bit upset at being called a boring old fart. Sometimes I felt that way.   Anyways, I’m not the most overly “fun” person, but for some reason everyone wants me around.  I was more fun in the Florida Days with Michael, but I was very young and had no responsibilities.  Now of course, I don’t have many either, except for my deadline.  I gathered up a number of beers and placed them into a small cooler to bring poolside.  I lit a cigarette from the kitchen table and headed back to the pool.  The girls were how I had left them, still leaning on the side chatting away.  Caroline slid away from the side and swam to the opposite end.

“Here, you go.” I said placing Allison’s beer down.

“Thank you.” They sang in unison, giggling.

I brought the ashtray that I had used before over to the side of the pool and sat down on the edge.

“You should turn the lights off then we could skinny dip.”  Allison suggested.

“What?  Is she in on this as well?” I asked.

“Carrie, want to skinny dip?” Allison called over to her.

“Sure why not.” She answered.

“Well, there you go, turn off the lights.”

I got up again and headed to the light switch by the entrance to the house.  Actually, none of this was abnormal for Allison.  We often swam naked and had allowed friends to do so as well.  After I turned the lights out, I turned back to the pool.  I could hear the sounds of wet bathing suits hit the side and sighs of relief from the girls.  I lit another cigarette and sat back down on the side of the pool.

“Well, aren’t you going to join us?” Allison giggled.

“In a minute.” I said thinking that she must have had enough and that I would be carrying her to bed very shortly.

“What do you think, Carrie, isn’t this fantastic?” she asked

“Oh god yes.” She said returning to her place on the side.

“Now all we need is hubby.” Allison smiled and tugged at my shorts, “Come on.”

I finished my cigarette and slide into the water. Allison’s hands were at my waistband before my feet hit the bottom.

“Yeah, what are you doing?” I shouted.

“Giving you a hand.”  She said as she pulled one of my legs up to get my foot out of my shorts.

“I can do it myself.” I said swimming to the other side of the pool.

I threw my shorts by the cabana and swam to the other end and back.

“I’m going to have a cigarette, Carrie want to join me?” Allison said as she climbed out of the water.


Allison watched my face as they climbed out and walked to the table where the cigarettes were.  There was a devilish grin on her face.  She took two cigarettes from the pack and lit them, handing one to Caroline.  They walked back to the pool and sat along the edge.

“Why don’t you join us?” Allison asked laughing, “Or don’t you want to get out of the pool.”

“Maybe I will.” I said pulling myself out of the water and sat alongside Allison, taking her cigarette, “Maybe you’ve had enough.”

Allison reached over and grabbed the cigarette back, “get your own.”

“Okay, be that way.” I said as I stood and walked to the table.

“Oh, walk a little slower.” Allison taunted.

“Yeah, give us a good show.” Caroline added.

I walked back slowly and saying nothing.  They were having fun playing games with me and at that time of night I didn’t mind.  I returned to my seat and took a long sip of my beer.

“Okay, I think I’ve had enough.” Allison yawned, “It’s time I went to bed.”

“Then I should be going.” Caroline said.

“You can stay if you want.  We have a guest room and it’s all made up.” Allison said.

“No, I really should be going, thanks anyways.”

They kissed each other on the cheeks and Caroline stood and walked to the cabana to get dressed.

“Make sure she gets home okay.” Allison said as she kissed me goodnight, “This was fun wasn’t it.”

“It was a very good night.” I said getting out of the pool and I headed inside to change.

Allison came in a moment later hugged and kissed me just before she slipped into the bathroom for a shower.  I walked out to see Caroline waiting, all dressed with a grand smile on her face.

“You ready?” I asked.

“Yeah. This was great fun wasn’t it?”

“A very fun night.”

“We should do this again.” She said as she walked to the front door, “I’m here for a week.”

“We should.”

We walked out of the house quietly.  The night was silent and the street was empty.  Caroline walked joyfully down the street, twirling form time to time and laughing.

“What did you and Allison laugh about all night?” I asked.

“Mostly you.” She stopped and turned.


“Yes, you.” She leant forward and kissed me.

Well, here’s my hotel.  Good night.”She said smiling, then kissed my cheeks and ran skipped into the hotel like a schoolgirl into a candy store.  I got to the house moments later and let myself in.  It was quiet.  I walked up the stairs silently and headed directly for our bedroom.

“You’re back quickly.”  Allison said as I undressed.

“It’s only a two minute walk.” I responded.

“Good night.”

“Good night.

 As I was drifting off to sleep, almost dreaming, I heard a voice, “I’m sorry for ever hurting you.”  I couldn’t be sure if I truly heard it.  Or even if I wasn’t dreaming, but I began to understand the game


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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A great read and the opening picture put me in the mood.

I now look forward to reading more of your work.

Take care


ljv21 profile image

ljv21 5 years ago from Bluffton' SC Author

Thanks a million

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