Just a voice

I walk day to day

with these voices screaming and scratching in my head

And I wonder what could cause them

A beating to the heart

A bruise to the soul

A scar upon the mind

I dont know what causes

Theses voices to

No I hear them now


And screaming


Telling me what to do

But after all their talk they quiet down

To just one voice

This one its mine

My voice

With a dark twist to it

It says do this

Do that

Listen to these voices

It cant hurt

You'll get away with a little murder

A little mayhem

But no I cant listen to these voices not even that one thats me

So I walk day to day

With the scratching

With this screaming

In my head

Nagging me

To hurt

To harm

But time and time again

I find myself breaking down

And feeling like just a voice in my own head

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Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland

Wow, this is a powerful poem. I can almost feel what it's like to hear those voices. Awesome!

d-b-ggaming profile image

d-b-ggaming 4 years ago from The land of the living Author

Thanks that was more or less my goal =D

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