Just to Ask, and We Will Receive

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all rights reserved

Just ask, and we shall receive, from our Savior, If we but believe,

To be born of Mary's womb, and then be placed in that cold tomb.

His life lived by one so meek, and then to die, for our souls to seek.

The sacrifice the Father made, our Christian roots, were then laid.

Just to knock and it shall be opened, for us then and for us all to see,

The wonders of God, for all our brethren, a joyous life for you and me.

Tomorrow's sun will shine so brightly, our coming through the open door,

A Benevolent figure there to greet us, to suffer not, the world, no more.

If we but seek, then we all shall find, then no one else will be left behind,

One life to live for all goodness sake, our souls for Him, to love and take.

Our God on high, will smile and then, the true happiness will soon begin.

From the cradle of earth's warming soil, we leave behind our load and toil.

From hate and sin, we will be delivered, and this only that we all do believe,

The Lord of Hosts will greet us there, both meek and strong, to all receive.

Being saved makes all the difference, on which our future lives will all depend,

It's never too late to choose our destiny, and to where our souls, we will send.

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

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MP50 5 years ago

I hope many people read this Beautiful piece of poetry.



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