Katrina the Hurricane

"A Perspective From A Far"

I'm writing this for you as promised, and I want you to know. That I'm giving this my best intentions, and that I'm not a pro.

We all were having a bright beautiful Fall day. However things were different just a thousand miles away.

We saw on the channel two news late that night. That a big storm in the gulf would hit at first light.

The next day as the big news was coming in fast. Everyone soon realized that this one was going to last.

The reporters were showing footage, while safe in their booth. Of entire families who were trapped upon their roof.

The following morning not long after we all awoke. We heard on the radio that a levee had broke.

At that moment we didn't realize what all of this meant. But a short time later we saw those affected living in a tent.

Seeing all of this carnage that Katrina had left, made us all quite sad. But how OUR government was slow to respond, made us all very mad.

We wondered why OUR government wasn't getting on the ball. To rescue all those good people down at the convention hall.

We realize being so far away that we couldn't be very much help to you. So we hope all of our heartfelt prayers and donations made a little difference & made it through.

Aurthor's note -

I originally wrote this very special poem expressively for a very special fellow hubber by the name of nclark140 at very her own request. She's a very brave person in this life, and a very good writer who has been hit in the prime of life with Multiple Sclerosis. She's written seven great hubs so far to date, and I know that she still returns from time to time here at the hub pages. So please if you can stop by and give her some encouraging fan mail sometime, which I'm sure will really make her happy. I know that you will also really make her day by paying her a visit!

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marshacanada profile image

marshacanada 5 years ago from Vancouver BC

Thanks for this Hub on Katrina Poethe poet. It was a terrible hurricane and I wonder what has now become of the people who lost their homes, and the neighbourhoods that were flooded when the leves broke.

looniestlove profile image

looniestlove 5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

Thank you for sharing this hub with us...he hurricane Katina, did destroy many lives,my family and I have also experience flood in our area and I know how it feels to have encountred such a tragedy...well written hub..you should write more..

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 5 years ago

Nicely done and an important reminder of a terrible tragedy that people are still coping with.

Mark Pitts profile image

Mark Pitts 5 years ago from United States

I had many friends in NOLA, and still do. The obvious sentiment is there. The more meaningful thing to me is why you wrote it in the first place. That is the true heart in my view.

profile image

Derdriu 5 years ago

Poethepoet, What an elucidating, insightful, revelatory poetic record recalling the impactful Hurricane Katrina! In particular, your message benefits from the careful attention to rhyme scheme, language and words. An underlying message can be considered the keeping of promises, by governments to their people. It's foreshadowed by your very first line.

Thank you for sharing,


old albion profile image

old albion 4 years ago from Lancashire. England.

An informative hub, with a nice personal touch.

Best Wishes.

Beth J profile image

Beth J 4 years ago from India

Great poem poethepoet. The poem created vivid images in my mind's eye.

John Sarkis profile image

John Sarkis 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Excellent narrative poem. I remember clearly when Katrina hit. I still can't believe it. I visited New Orleans in the summer of 2009 and was glad to see people's spirits were up. New Orleans is a great little city which everyone should make a point visiting at least once in their lifetimes.

Voted up


JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 4 years ago from Central Oklahoma

I'm just blown away how you condensed the essence of the run up to and the aftermath of Katrina in so few words. WOW...


aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

Voted up and across the board, except funny. Your caring nature makes you an exemplary person, and your writing reflects the same. Never give up what you believe in.

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 4 years ago from North Carolina

Very interesting poem recounting this natural disaster. Thanks for sharing your insights in the poetic fashion of yours. Rated up and interesting.

thumbi7 profile image

thumbi7 4 years ago from India

Well written

I liked the good gesture of including a link to a fellow hubber.

Thanks for sharing

profile image

wwolfs 4 years ago

Nice poem. A hurricane to remember that left much disaster. Thanks for sharing!

LuisEGonzalez profile image

LuisEGonzalez 4 years ago from Miami, Florida

Very ,very nice....good job.

tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 4 years ago from California

Great tribute to your friend. I will go read her hubs.

stars439 profile image

stars439 4 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

Thank you for sharing this hub with us. It was a difficult time in many lives. GBY.

EuroNinila profile image

EuroNinila 4 years ago from NYC BABY

this was a very great and touching hub, very nice of you to tribute to a fellow hubber! Voted up and beautiful!

John MacNab profile image

John MacNab 4 years ago from the banks of the St. Lawrence

Even up here in Canada we were not amused at the US government's actions after Katrina.

sammieham0317 profile image

sammieham0317 4 years ago from East Providence

I was raised in Southern MS and at the time when Katrina hit, I had just turned 17 years old three days before. I lived in Bay St. Louis, MS. We lost everything that we owned, and were moved to Arkansas. It took me a long time to not have nightmares from Katrina. No one was taken care of from the south in the way they should have been... it was a shame

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago

Thanks for caring.

Ann1Az2 profile image

Ann1Az2 4 years ago from Orange, Texas

A horrible tragedy expressed very well. I hope we never get another like it.

Nora411 profile image

Nora411 4 years ago from Chicago, IL

A beautiful way to give those affected by Hurricane Katrina a voice. Great poetry skills PoethePoet! Voting up and more!

fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 4 years ago from Southern California

Very good. I remember Katrina very well. Yes, I'll go over and visit nclark140.

Blackspaniel1 profile image

Blackspaniel1 21 months ago

Nice work. Well done.

Larry Rankin profile image

Larry Rankin 21 months ago from Oklahoma

Great poetry!

Marina7 profile image

Marina7 21 months ago from Clarksville TN

Very true.

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 21 months ago from london

Another example of your self-giving nature. God bless you, Poetthe poet.

Now for the poem, I have noticed that you have a narrative style which is very beautiful. You should do well at stand-up poetry. Go to a poetry Cafe. There are about six I know in NY, and must surely be in your area also.

I will visit your Friend. Peace.

sheilamarie78 profile image

sheilamarie78 21 months ago

Katrina was certainly an unforgettable storm on many levels.

CorneliaMladenova profile image

CorneliaMladenova 21 months ago from Cork, Ireland

Oh, my goodness, what a beautiful poem for such a horrific event. I have never experienced hurricane, looks really scary :( BTW, going to visit the page of your great friend nclark140 :)

Rachel L Alba profile image

Rachel L Alba 21 months ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

I think we all will remember Katrina. When I was a kid (and that was a long time ago) I don't ever remember hearing about storms that great, not even when I became a teenager. Your hub was very interesting.

Voted up and interesting.

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 21 months ago from london

Dedicated two poems to both you and your Friend, N Clark140. Look for them, very recent. http://hubpages.com/literature/Gone-is-The-Darknes...

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