Kenetic Energy.


Kenetic Energy.  


I once brought

the world flash dancing,

back when the movie

granted it pop culture status.
In a leather jumpsuit

on roller skates I emceed,
whirling and spinning

like a dervish
while spouting intros

and jokes between
the intricate moves

of beautiful ladies,
whipped into a frenzy by

the pulsations of music.

Like some ancient tribal dance,
they brought a spirit induced
worship of passions unleashed
in the dark caverns of nightclubs,
which always stirred the

 audience into a hunger,
to spend long moments

absorbed in their energy.

I remember one

special effect I devised,
inside a baby wading pool

became their pedestal,
while banks of strobes lights above,
translated all the choreography
below them into a time warp.

Two buckets of

multi-colored glitter above,
were slowly emptied down

over each performer,

under strobe

light  syncopation
stutter, splashing

with robotic wonder
in a rainbow

herky-jerky shower,
that sprayed from their

 flesh as they danced,
in fireworks of

incredible beauty.

The room always fell

silent when this occurred,
and then burst into

thunderous applause.
we ran for 72 consecutive

weeks at one club,
an astounding record

for any show to hold.

Nothing ever captured

those moments,
no video or photographs were taken,
but the dances remain

 vivid in my mind,
leaping and cavorting across
the synapses of my brain,
as I grow older and stiffer,
in the fading flash

dance of my own life.





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