Free Bedtime Online Stories For Kids, A Short Story About Trevor The Taxi

Bedtime Stories of Trevor's Big Dream

This is one of my series of best kids online stories that has been especially designed for children in their early years of development. It is reasurring to know that if you are reading this to your child, you can feel assured that you are able to read this as one of your free bedtime stories, without the fear of upsetting or disrupting your child from peaceful calm.

Trevor's Big Dream has been written as a short story to encompass enough time to wind your child down into restful sleep, whilst not being left on a cliff hanger that will inspire further query.

I hope you will enjoy Trevor's Big Dream and that you might read more of my other free online stories, as recommended in the links below. These are especially designed for calm bedtime reading.



Free Bedtime Stories : Trevor The Taxi

Trevor is a shiny black taxi, and he waits all day long, with Stan his driver outside the railway station, in the small seaside town of Flacton.

Every day he meets the passengers as they hurry off the trains, and takes them to the waterfront, and all over the town. In the morning he takes the lady who works in the big hotel on the seafront, so that she can take care of the visitors, and help give them a happy holiday.

Sometimes he takes patients to the nursing home, where they can get better after being ill, and sometimes he takes people home when they have been shopping, and Stan puts all their packages inside Trevor's boot, so they will not get wet or broken.


Courtesy of anniemole:
Courtesy of anniemole:

Trevor likes the people who live and work in the town, but most of all, he likes the holidaymakers. He loves to hear the children, as they squeal with delight when they see the blue sea, and golden sands.

Trevor has a special friend whose name is Wilfred; he is the big white taxi, who sometimes takes people to get married. Trevor's driver often talks to Wilfred's driver, and on a sunny day, they sometimes sit on a wooden bench by the taxi rank together, eating their sandwiches and drinking hot coffee from a big vacuum flask.

When Wilfred comes back from a wedding, he tells Trevor all about it; he tell him about the pretty girl all dressed up in her wedding gown, about all the people who throw coloured paper and rice at the happy couple, when they come out of the church; and how everybody poses to have their picture taken.


Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

Trevor longed to go to a wedding, he loved taking people to all different places, but if only, just once, he could take a family to the church, on their 'special day'.

All the people in the town knew Trevor, for if ever they needed to get somewhere, Trevor was always ready. Sometimes they went to see a play at the big theatre, and Trevor would carry them home afterwards. Sometimes when father’s car would not start, Trevor would take him to the station, so he would not be late for work.

Trevor took three children to school every day. The children lived in a little village just outside the town, and they looked forward to his cheerful beep beep every morning. They were very good children, never bouncing on Trevor's seats, and always polite and well behaved to Stan.


One day as Trevor was taking the children to school, he heard them talking about their big sisters wedding. She was getting married the following Saturday, and their mother was not sure if there was enough room in Wilfred for the whole family. Trevor's engine missed a beat, as he heard Stan say, "next Saturday is not very busy for Trevor and I, and if your mother would like us to, we could take some of the family to the church".

Trevor could hardly wait to see if he would be going to the wedding. All that day he wondered what the answer would be, until Stan said; "now calm down Trevor, what will be, will be".

The next morning, when the children had climbed in, their mother, who normally stood by Trevor waving goodbye to the children as they drove away, spoke to Stan, and gave him a piece of paper.

As they drove along the children laughed and joked amongst themselves, and as they got out, they waved to Stan and Trevor calling out, "see you on Saturday".


It was true, yes really true, he was going to the wedding! He could hardly contain his excitement, his bright headlights bounced up and down, and his wing mirrors jiggled from side to side, as he fairly burst with pleasure.

All that day, Trevor travelled round the town, up and down the little streets, in and out of the shopping centre feeling he was the luckiest taxi in the whole world.

When Saturday finally arrived, Stan gave Trevor a very special clean. He washed all the black paint so that it gleamed in the morning sunshine, and he polished all Trevor's chrome ' till it sparkled. Trevor's inside's were washed and cleaned, and all the windows polished, and in no time at all, Trevor was ready to go to the wedding. Just before they set off, Stan tied a long pretty ribbon along both sides of Trevor's black body, and looped it round his bonnet, and then they set off to the children’s house.


Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

At the house, Wilfred was already waiting. He looked very grand, decked out with bows and flowers, and a long red sash; and then the bride came out with her father, and stepped into Wilfred. She did look lovely in her white wedding dress, and carrying a bouquet of flowers. Then the children with their mother, climbed into Trevor, they looked very grand too. The girls wore the most pretty dresses, and their mother had the biggest hat on that Trevor had ever seen. Then Wilfred slowly rolled off into the town, and towards the church with Trevor just behind.

All the people of the town looked at them. Some waved and said, "There’s Trevor the taxi, doesn’t he look smart", and Trevor held his radiator erect in happiness, so proud to be going to his first wedding.


Kids Online Stories : A Special Word From The Author - Sleep Tight

Dreams can come true, as Trevor the Taxi has found. Now it is time for you to dream too and, maybe, tomorrow you will have another one of my kids online stories read to you! Sleep tight and sleep soundly. Visit the world of Trevor in your dreams and learn about the adventures of Ollie the Big Red Bus. But, for now, we will save him for another day when you rest again and listen to another one of my free bedtimes stories. Until then, sleep tight.

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License


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Loved this one too!

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Humagaia - thank you for your kind support :)

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Another great story Shaz.

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Cheers Lean! Where would you like Trevor to take you today? *beep beep!*

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I enjoyed reading your story. I too write stories for the kids.

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