Kill Me Softly

Days like this got me goin' crazy

pullin' these tickets

can't get me a lady,

Rock bottom hit like Spongebob that's it

No where to go

this s**ts endless.

Jettin' outta work I'm in huge relief,

Walkin' in the lot

I can barely see,

got into the car wishin' work was brief,

So I took one last sigh before I hit the streets.

Day dreams hit me on the way

Bumpin' this song by Drake today

The bass was on, the song was nice

I sing along, all through the night.

Really felt bad I don't know why?

This feeling really hurt me, Am I gana Die?

Never-mind that I'll just look at life,

With nothing left to fight for.

Killing me softly with her words,

Don't even know what I want from her,

When will this woe

end for me?

Or am I stuck..

because I wana be.........?

I'm just complicated that's all

and maybe one day I'll be ready to fall


and again



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Richlove 6 years ago from Denver,CO Author


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