King of Love

King of Love

There is this king of Love

who descended from above

He came to bring salvation and peace

He lives with each one of us today

His Spirit is among us

His reign ever so powerful

He gives us choice

A mighty power too

If only we could all come to know it

If only we could see through the darkness

If only we could open our eyes and ears

Let go of all terrible fears

and seek the Holy one inside

We could all find a love divine

A love of unconceivable porportions

A love so big and so amazing

that only the imagination could define

The King of love will come

He will search out his queen

She will be ready for his love

and all from below and above

will rejoice for our King of Heaven will return

to take his bride and be one with all of creation

to bring heaven to all the depths of the Earth.

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cleaner3 3 years ago

great inspirational poetry.. words of faith powerfully done .


LindaQ79 profile image

LindaQ79 3 years ago Author

Thanks! :)

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