Kissin the sky

Kissin the sky

And I feel like im kissin the sky

im so high

im flyin

An then you walk right

And say so few words

And I come fallin

I crash back down to earth

Break my heart

Break my soul

Cry every moment of the day

Then your gone

And it happens again

I talk to that girl

I fell like im kissin the sky

Like im free flyin

Free free flyin

Than you walk up and say

im no good for anybody

And I come fallin down

Now im in a hole so deep

A hole so dark

Place so wikededly low

I cant kiss the sky

And I cant fly

And I look up

And I just see you

With that shovel

Burryin me deep

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Janhorner 4 years ago

This is really good! I was not expecting the ending which was brilliant!

Voted up,


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