Poem : Know What you are Smiling at!

For the reason

we are all


To different


Is for us to

be able to

Make changes

It’s not meant

for us to

simply accept

The very first

emotion that


It’s also

the reason

that us humans


comes with

A voice,

If you choose


There is no


Neither any


For Hate

It’s easier

to stop



Than to keep

trying to

pass blame

on others

If you do

decide to go,

There is no

time to


Better stop

trying to

find a reason

that you

should wait.

It you choose

to believe

That there

is a God,

Whatever kind

you choose

Then follow

in the way,

Be true

to something

Let your light


Remember Moses

Remember Pharaoh?


When they both

Put on

that great show.

It was for

this same


Pharoah believed

in his god

So that others

may learn

from that show

Moses staff

Turn into a snake

And swallowed the


Pharaoh magicians

Had made

They were

the best In

the land

But there is

no one

That’s able

to do what

the Most High

God can!

Try to


That belief

has plenty

To do with

what you

do and say

Now if you

choose Evil

It’s your choice

Your price to pay

You have the

right to decide

Your own


In this reality

There could be

No Partiality.

You must !

Know what you are

smiling at!


All rights reserved.

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Sky9106 profile image

Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth. Author

That's exactly the point JJ. sharing and understanding the true purpose for it.


jlal 5 years ago

Constant back pedalling tgranslates into wasted time. We must remember the brevity of life and forge on!

Sky9106 profile image

Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth. Author

Thank you my brethren , like the picture you seem to be fully relaxed, my mother use to say to me , told you she bis my Idol , she and my day would say : take your hand off your head I am not dead as yet. It was an island thing I believe fro their parents . As I see your pic I remember.

I promised a fellow Hubber named Neil Sperling that I would read one of his hubs , tonight so I am heading there if you care to join am sure it's cool.


profile image

bolt1951 5 years ago

All answers known....peasantly witten

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