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One of the Coolest Manga You'll Ever Read!

Konjiki no Gash Bell!, more commonly known to American audiences as "Zatch Bell" is a truly amazing manga series! Illustrated by Makoto Raiku, the series chronicles the story of Gash Bell (Zatch Bell in the American dub), a demon, and his human friend, Kiyomaro Takamine. The two are the best of friends, despite Kiyomaro being an aloof (and somewhat douchey) middle school student who is a genius, and Gash being.. Well, you know your little brother? Kind of that level of annoying, but at the same time really cute and funny!

From the beginning the series is a tale of friendship, and it combines that with tons of jokes and off color humor illustrated wonderfully by Raiku's zany art. But laughs aren't the only thing Gash brings to the table, it also contains many pivotal points where the main characters learn about themselves and their motivations, and sometimes there are tear jerkers that tug at your heart strings before the plot progresses. Not to mention the action... Oh God, the action. Zatch Bell is definitely a series you'll want to pick up. Don't believe me? Keep reading then and I'll tell you all you need to be convinced!

The First Opening to the Anime Series!

Gash, Kiyomaro, and several of their human and demon friends!
Gash, Kiyomaro, and several of their human and demon friends!

The Fight of the Demon World

The plot of Zatch Bell isn't really complex. The demon world exists seperately to our own, and normally demons and humans would never cross paths, but every few centuries or so, a dangerous battle to decide the new king of the demon world will be held, and at this point, 100 demon children are sent to the human world to do battle. Gash Bell is one of those children! The reason they're sent to the human world is so they can partner up with humans who will, with the help of special spell books, bring out their true power. Guess who Gash's partner is? That's right, Kiyomaro!

At first Kiyomaro's reluctant to have anything to do with Gash, and we don't find out about Gash's origins until a few chapters into the series, but eventually the two become friends, and, after a heart wrenching moment where Gash's friend is sent back to the demon world, the two decide that they must make Gash king so that the meaningless fights can stop.

They meet a ton of allies and enemies along the way, and all the while they take on evil demons and send them back to the Demon World with their red spell book and Gash's spells of lightning!

Brago and Sherry.
Brago and Sherry.
Tia and Megumi
Tia and Megumi

The Characters

Several of the demons participating, along with their book owners, are listed below.

Kiyo Takamine and Gash Bell

The main characters, as you've heard. These two are the best of friends after a rough introduction, and now strive to make Gash a kind king of the Demon world. Gash uses lightning spells and Kiyomaro is a genius who can solve difficult problems with ease, and who uses his mind to come up with ingenius strategies in the midst of battle. Kiyomaro was originally considered a prick by his classmates because of always seeming smarter than them without trying and after Gash appeared he became friends with several classmates and a respected member of their class. Kiyomaro is often a "straight man" to the antics of Gash and the others.

Gash originally lost his memories upon appearing in the human world and was found by Kiyomaro's father. Kiyomaro's father sent him to live with Kiyomaro, with the hopes that he'd help Gash regain his memories and solve the riddle of who Gash was.

Tia and Megumi Oumi

Megumi Oumi is a famous Japanese idol who found the book of Tia, a kind hearted child that knew Gash in the demon world. Tia originally thought of Gash as weak because of their time in the demon world, but Gash has shown himself quite powerful and earned her trust and respect. Megumi, meanwhile, becomes a sort of love interest for Kiyomaro, and the two often hang out together. Tia uses shielding spells and wants to become a kind king (queen?) like Gash.

Kanchomé and Parco Folgore

Kyanchome is a laughable demon child, whose power is just as hilarious as he (unintentionally) is. Kyanchome is a coward at heart and so he often hides behind Folgore, a gofy Italian pop star who is "invincible". So far, no matter what Folgore's been hit with, he can revive from if you sing his perverted song! Kyanchome uses transformation spells and can create illusions. He becomes a valued ally throughout the series, despite being weaker than the other demons, and he and Gash are friends.

Umagon and Kafk Sunbeam

Umagon and Sunbeam are friends of Gash and Kiyomaro's. At first, Umagon was a lonely demon with no partner. Unlike most other demon children, Umagon couldn't speak English and this made it difficult to find his book partner, Sunbeam. Sunbeam is a wandering German engineer who was working in Japan when he felt the presence of his demon partner. He now works with Umagon to help Kiyomaro and Gash out as best as possible, and the spells he recites allow for Umagon to transform from a goofy looking horse into an armored steed with flames engulfing him.

Wonlei and Lee-Yen

Wonlei and Lee-Yen are opposite sex partners who fight to make Wonlei a protecting king. The two are from China and Wonlei uses martial spells to enhance his body and deliver deadly damage to opponents.

Brago and Sherry

Brago and Sherry are rivals of Gash and Kiyo; they are the first ones to introduce the demon world concept into the series and actively explain it to Gash and Kiyomaro. Brago is cold and mysterious, and at the same time extremely intimidating. Sherry is similar, yet she has a dark past involving the betrayal of her friend which makes her so. The two begin searching for a certain demon, the one who manipulated the heart of her dear friend to defeat him. Their black book yields gravity manipulating spells.

Start Reading!

There are a lot of anime/manga series out there, but few can honestly attest to being as great as Gash Bell. The hilarious moments, the awesome action packed fight sequences, the tearful emotional moments, and the reverberating theme of friendship throughout the series certainly make it a hard one to miss. You should definitely read this magnificent series!

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