Hungry?!! ha ha
Hungry?!! ha ha

So today is a new day!!

How many times have you woken up and truly asked yourself if you "matter?" Probably not much unless you are facing a "life or death" situation. But the thing is that we will all eventually ask this question when we are nearing the end of our horizon? The point is that I feel we should ask this question now and make a list of all the wonderful things that we have each put on this earth and rejoice! It's like we are each adding something "special" to the "soup of life!" And we are all evolving and sharing ideas, thoughts, photo's, stories, sad news, good name it!!!

This is what I like to call "LIFE SOUP!" Do you want some?

So this my friends is "mid-life" and here is where things go "topsy tervy" for so many of us!!! Changes in circumstances, relationships, employment, kids growing up, family members getting old, addictions, saving the world and whatever else I can think of!!!

Are there monsters under the bed?
Are there monsters under the bed?

"Fear" rears it's ugly head......

Remember those fears when you were a child? Well they eventually come back but the problem is that we now have so much more to lose!!! So this childhood fear is now "adult fear" and it all hits a bit harder then "way back when." SO, what can we do when we are facing "fear?!!!"

It is easy for me to say "kick it in the !@#" but that is not realistic for everyone in this world. Some fear is so deep rooted that we never know where it comes from? Fear shows it's face in many places while we make our way through "life." What I have learned is that "fear" can also drive a person to move forward also. Taking little steps to conquer this fear can work wonders but you need to take that "first step" or you will wallow in anxiety and indecision. Not fun!!!

Is this scary enough?!
Is this scary enough?!
For you.......
For you.......

Facing something very scary....

I spoke to a special someone in her 70's this morning who was having questions about her life and whether she mattered enough to stay on this earth. She was about to go into surgery and was losing it and very emotionally I called her and told her some real facts about life and why she should stay. At the end of our conversation she was in good spirits and had a lot to say. I told her to giggle to God when she goes into surgery and be proud for all her quirks and differences. Actually I told her to be proud that she was a "loving whack job." I mean that is much better then never loving at all! RIGHT?!!! This did make her laugh a lot! "So be it!"

The point is that "everyone matters" and everything you do on this earth brings forth some sort of result. So the best thing we can do is give as much "positive" everything to anyone around us. There is no time for a "pity party" cause this just wastes a lot of time. Wouldn't it be better to reach out to loved one's and friends instead of thinking about only scary and bad things? Fear takes away LOVE so get rid of your fear and give more love! Capiche?!!!!!!


I Choose Life and Love!

As a friend of mine told me recently about an experience in therapy with her partner, it did not go too well. But the therapist pointed to the one that was not "getting it" and said these words. "You have the power to make it better."

Everyone has the power to make things better. Start right in your living room hate that chair and couch? Throw it out!!! After all it reminds you of "you know who" or things that make you feel bad. Is that person constantly making you feel bad and bringing you down? Highly critical of your life choices? Throw them out!!! Life is too short!!!!


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Michael Ray King profile image

Michael Ray King 4 years ago from Palm Coast, Florida

Hey G! Great advice! I'm with you. Yes, the lips and cherry got me, but you know I'd have read your post anyway! Thank you for an excellent reality check. And an uplifting one at that!

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 4 years ago from California Author

Thanx Michael! So glad to see you here! I thought that would be funny! Mentioning the lips and cherry.....ha ha .......I really had an energy burst when I wrote was inspired by a phone call this morning....and I just poured onto the page! So glad you enjoyed it! Best, G

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas

We were put here on earth to make a difference, I believe, in some special way. We were given the ability to learn, think, and reason along with the power of choice to decide whether our time on this earth would make a difference in some way. Too often, we mistake heroism or fame for the point of making a difference when, in reality, making a difference can be as simple as a series of small acts of kindness extended to others. Acknowledging others, offering a smile, or a kind word...doing some little something to alter someone else's day just a tiny bit...all those things make a difference and they register. I love the line, "it's not the birthin' and dyin' that is hard, it is what's between the two that takes effort". You have hit the nail on the head with this one and people should take it all to heart. Nice work! WB

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 4 years ago from California Author

Thanx WB! I so appreciate your comment and positive words!! You said so many important things here and I am so glad you enjoyed my work and took the time to comment. Thank you so much! Wishing you lots of positive thoughts! GPAGE

profile image

Ausseye 4 years ago

Hey G: You hold a cheery to life and magnify it possibilities. Reminds me of someone who wrote this about people who don’t get it all that well and think big means great, which it doesn't. Stir the stew of irony, sarcasm, parody, burlesque and hyperbole and you might find a delicious dollop of satire, one of the traditional and delicious ingredients in the human diet. Taken in a moderate and sensitive doses it can alleviate personal ailments of pomposity and hubris and sometimes achieve justice. It may not cure but it can reduce the swelling. Yes hold you achievements to the global glow and enjoy all the stew-of-life and taste it wonderful small possibilities that we are presented day to day.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 4 years ago from California Author

Good morning Ausseye! So nice to see you here! It amazes me how some of your comments turn into "poetry" in a visual sort of way.....I had so many mental pictures as I read your comment here. "Delicious dollop of satire...." "Stir the stew of irony......." WOW! Yes and AMEN to the "stew of life!" I wonder what I will add to it today! Another hub perhaps?! ha

All the best, G

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