Life - A poem by: Latanya Williams



Take a look at my life;

And all that I’ve done;

Lie, cheat, steal from love ones;

I say, Lord I need change;

Make this demon go away;

Ain’t nothing change?

Things are still the same;

I got caught up in the struggle of life;

No respect, No dignity;

No courage; No pride;

In the mouth of madness;

Still I Lye;

Do you want to ride?

And feel my pain;

Shoot ain’t no turning back,

Ain’t nothing to gain?

High roller on the wheel of life;

I’m game anyone if the time was right;

Making twist and turns;

Doing what I do;

I’ll play you like a fool;

If only you knew;

I get high, I get by;

No crack Fein;

Still I cry;

Ain’t no thing?

This is how I swing;

All caught up in life, luxury and the pain;

Rest a soul turn cold as ice;

Praying one day to breathe a new life,

Shoot I’m mad at the world;

Then I turn trifle;

Cause dealing with Life;

Will cut you like a knife!

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pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 5 years ago from New Zealand

Forgiveness of self is marvelous for a soul. Deep poetry

Lyrickkw profile image

Lyrickkw 4 years ago from PHILADELPHIA Author

thank you for your comment!

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