LOVE Above all Circumstances

Still doubting love?..

Above All circumstances:

My Angel burns its wings for eternal love for a merely human

Losing itself in a miserable life followed by torture, Has his acumen

Failed him for the first time in his existence!

Has he done wrong to put love on top of his list for an instance?


My angel knows no regrets; all is fair in love and war

He knows that his love values their love more and more

He has been greeted by a lovely gift

And his decision he is not ready to shift

Our heart beats willingly for the first time in life

For he shares his secrets with his future wife


Love has gone through my bones up to my dark soul

Filling the emptiness to top! Killing the black hole!

Love cultivates in the hearts keeping them everlastingly whole

Our fragile hearts beat as one for once and for all


In sickness and in health we pledged

Never to leave the other we alleged

Yes love Crept into the soul and bound us eternally

Wow, for the first time I am sinking in love deeply, willingly

There is one thing you must understand

I am ready burn my soul for you, Drown in quick sand

For you  be there and give you a hand

My love I pledge to sacrifice my life just to have you close to me in the future

I swear I’ll overvalue our home that we built, the memories and love we nurture

Wipe for you very single tear you shed

Share with you my oxygen when we’re dead

Till death do us part

You and I will never depart                dӑяК fцйЗrдl !



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Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

wow that very nice poem you realy know how to wrtite good poem

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

Thanks Lgali! :D

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