The darkness surrounds my heart leaving an empty shell behind

Leaving the emptiness for the abhorrence and distress to live there and bind

My demons tune in to listen to my endless cries

My hopes crash and burn, my will fries

Come see what life has left on my door

Come see how it feels to always sore

Come attempt to feel my pulse if you can, for I have never lived

Feel those slashes it left me by its knife as my body it has shivved

So have I lost faith in myself or surrendered to the dark?

Have I mislaid what we call life’s will to live or spark?

Have I turned out to be one of those damned forsaken?

No, you can blame life for it was been stolen and taken

The cold drains my vessel from what God has granted me wholeheartedly {free will}

I sail into the bleakness in pain, and cast my shadow into this earth aimlessly

So when does the sun rise? Is that after the darkest point at night?

I have suffered almost two decades, when do I get my birth right?

Oh, answer my questions guilty sky and tell me what’s to be done

I have tried incessantly to gain this battle, but no more can run

So why do you pour all your heavenly anger on my retched body

Why don’t you split with me the burden, the pain, and save my body

When do I get to breath on my own, to stand on my feet?

Or am I destined to live in the shadows, in eternal retreat?

What have I done to live these hardships and endure

To fish through the pain and land more misery for sure?

When does the suffering end, when does all the test come to a pit stop?

When do I wake up from this bad dream, take control of reality and ditch the rope?

Can I breathe on my own without depending on life support?

Can I find security; can my hopes land on reality’s airport?

Is that too much to ask from the endless universe?

Why can’t life be as easy as writing a single verse?

Oh can I feel myself after the unknown strikes through the memory

Can I find the true self between its ashes, can I find Harmony?

There was no light after the sun drowned into the damp see of depression

Only the cold which crept through my bed sheets of murky emotions of obsession



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ralwus 7 years ago

I don't like you feeling this way at all. I love the writing as it is so vivid and well done, it's the underlying message that bothers me. Loving you more and more, Charlie your friend, Merry Christmas hun.

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

Charlie don't feel that bad actually i feel good and enthusiastic about next Friday :D But i had to write something and it happened to be that . The message happens to be a redundant THING which makes me wonder why people don't just get bored with the same old message delivered in my poems.

Anyways i hope you have a great weekend and Merry Christmas my friend. Hugs :D

tantrum profile image

tantrum 7 years ago from Tropic of Capricorn


I love Darkness. And I like your poetry. Thanks ! :)

loua profile image

loua 7 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet

Uriel, my angel, you're a voice for the people so they might witness their dilemma in the reflection of your words...

Your message is universal... Change requires introspection; and you are a conduit delivering thoughts to empty minds that fail to see their predicament...

Nice composition as always...

Happy Holidays,

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

Loua thank you for the comment. Marry Xmas :D

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