Lady in The Tower

Air Traffic Control~

Way up in her shining tower, with glass all around, she controls the airways. She guides home every plane;

She tells them when to taxi, even tells them when to stay; Thy hold until she’s ready and the “slope” is good and clear. She’s the one that says to “take off” when no other craft is near.

She sees them on the runway, as well as in the pattern; the trucks the plows the sweepers, scraping ice or moving snow; she knows just when to move them, and just what they need to know, she makes their work proceed much better, says to “hold” or says to “go”.

When she is in the tower not a call will she ever miss, for she listens so intently, answers, her response is always clear; though they may never see her, her voice they’ll surely hear, for she’s known as the “controller” the Lady in the Tower.


Jan 26, 1995

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