Language of Rain

Like diamonds falling from clouds of silver

Falling peacefully from heaven

Making no sound but only after it lands upon the ground

Drip drip it sounds

With a gush of wind whistling

By the moving branches and trees

Thunder roaring in frightening melodies

With lightning strikes

And more showering sound like waterfall

Cleaning out of all dirt

And waxing mountain to marble

Giving the earth a clean life before it’s gone

Fresh, purity, the rain provides enough water for new spring season

Enough to feed grass and trees

Enough for human and all nature being

Alive and peaceful

Silent and beautiful

Rains are precious and bring joyous to the world

And to an end after it’s done

It bring beautiful rainbow

And wondrous souvenir

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lyns profile image

lyns 5 years ago from USA

Love it excellent hub on "Rain", so well profound, how rain cleanse the earth, sound, and gives life all being, love it, voted up Awesome Beautiful, Interesting, and Useful. 11/3/11 12--am lyns

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Rain can be peaceful. It can make you happy and sad. Rain can make for foggy and sleepy days. You said it well.

Alta5656 profile image

Alta5656 5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

When were young, our youngest brother asked my mother if she craved for frogs when I was conceived.. Of course we know that frogs like rain. I always love rain rain rain. My friends call me "Ame Onna" (Rain Girl). I love to go out when it rains.. And I bathe in the rain like crazy.

Thanks for sharing this hub.

profile image

Derdriu 5 years ago

Chanroth: What a tribute to life-giving, phytoremediating water which divests itself of polluted atmospheric particles and heavy metals as it slips through soil!

Thank you, etc.,


FitnezzJim profile image

FitnezzJim 5 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

what Derdriu said ... -nod-

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

Beautiful, I can see you soaring with your poetry..Bravo

chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA Author

Hi everyone, thank you very much for reading and commenting. @alta, I love the rain, very freshening and fun. I too love playing in the's so much fun! :)

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