Last Night a Storm Roared & Cried

Last night , a Storm Roared & cried,

It was a mere reflection Of this Heart of Mine,

All I hope is for you to come home, & Stay,

I hope so much , that I pray & Pray,

My soul weeps, and my heart goes Numb,

Paining my mind, a beating drum,

I Find that now i do not fear death,

it will take me away, help me forget,

I sit in the Dark , It consumes me,

It takes me away from this Savage Sea,

Of all your lies & feeble's,

Of all your empty promises & troubles,

Who are you but a false reflection?

With a soul of thorns & a Heart of Deception.

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SecretsOfTheSun profile image

SecretsOfTheSun 4 years ago from Ireland

I think this is my favourite. :)

Angel_In_Disguise profile image

Angel_In_Disguise 5 years ago Author

wow great feedback guys thank you :)

profile image

shygirl2 5 years ago

I can relate to this one...I definitely can! Love hurts, especially when it is spent on the wrong one!

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

This is awesome, and lays it right out there. There is dignity in the suffering of the voice telling this. Moved by it.

SheZoe profile image

SheZoe 5 years ago from Idaho, USA

heart wrenching

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