Last Night

Last Night

What can I say

It was surreal.

So many months without you

and then it all so real.

There was a little piece of heaven there, last night

while I was in your arms

Every kiss, had passion

Every touch had love

I could feel it

You didn't say much.

You usually don't

but you spoke in your actions

You told me that that feelings were still there for me.

You showed me love

You gave me love

You made me feel your love

It was so real

So wonderful

It felt like a dream

As I layed in your arms I couldn't believe it

Is this really happening

After so long?

After harsh words excahnged

Hearts so broken

Me, trying so hard to forget

Trying so hard to move on.

You cold and distant.

Then everything came rushing back like it never ended.

That wasn't meaningless desires

That was real feelings

That was a love rushing back

A love that I had thought we had lost

A love that I always wanted to last.

I felt like a lucky duck, last night.

That is why I bought that wine.

It wasn't just a coincedence.

It was more than luck..

You didn't beleive that I actually made it over

but I did.

I even climbed that crazy hill of yours to get to you.

I didn't let you sleep but I know it was well worth it.

Every moment, every kiss, every embrace

It was all very welcomed

It was all somewhat surreal.

But it was in deed very real.

and very much amazing.

I'm not going to lie.

I want more.

Like that moon in the sky

I don't want it to end

Especially those hints you send.

I want that soft sexy body of yours

Those sweet lips and incredible kisses.

There was more in those kisses.

There was a desire we both wanted

We made love, last night

A deep, passionate, wonderful love

I didn't care about anybody or anything else

Nothing mattered in that moment.

Only you mattered.

Caressing you body, touching your skin against mine,

It was all, such a gift.

Such a sweet dream. :)

but better because it wasn't a dream.

Only a dream come true

Last night

It was Unbelievable, undeniable, unforgettable! .

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KatrineDalMonte 4 years ago

Hi Linda, WOW, That was an amazing night of LOVE, desire and passion...So beautifully expressed in your words that came from your heart. I'm so very pleased for you. Take care of your LOVE. :-)

LindaQ79 profile image

LindaQ79 4 years ago Author

:) It was a great night! :)

cleaner3 profile image

cleaner3 4 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

Linda, great expressive write of a passionate night

LindaQ79 profile image

LindaQ79 4 years ago Author

thanks :)

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