JOKE Laughter is good medicine, a joke about Jonah and the Whale?

JOKE - Jonah and the Whale?

Timmy was busy telling his classmates about the story of Jonah and the whale when Ms Lori entered the class room and asked him to come to her desk.

Ms Lori asked Timmy what was going on so he told her the story of how, "This man was swallowed by a big fish, a whale, swallowed whole and alive" said Timmy. "He was alive for three days, then the whale vomited him onto dry land." "Now Timmy, a whale can not swallow a person." Timmy came back quick, “This one surenuff did." Ms Lori tried to explain it to him, "Timmy, a whale can not swallow a human they have baleen." "Well, I reckon this one didn't." "Timmy its just not possible." Timmy knew the story had to be true, his Granny had told it to him. "But it did Ms Lowree! It did!" "Timmy its just a story! I am sorry" Timmy was quiet for a moment then he said, " I know what Ms Lowree, when I get to heaven I will ask Jonah about it myself." "Oh my," said Ms Lori, "But Timmy what if Jonah isn't in heaven?" Timmy thought a moment, the he said "Well, I reckon you can ask him."

Got a joke?

BTW Did you know the story of Jonah also tells about mountains at the bottom of sea? That was a long time before people knew that there were mountains down there. People did not have submarines way back then and could not go that far down into the deep ocean. Read more in my - Science proves the Bible is True - Mountains Hub.

Try the God is real experiment at

Whale Watching

The Story of Jonah as Told by The Cutest Little Girl - Cute Videos - GodTube


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