Lavender Legs

For ten years,

I was haunted by them,

They beckoned me

from the dark depths

of my closet.

Crisp and clean,

as the day they were bought

those capris mocked me.

"Whatever happened

to those purple pants?


your butt get too wide?"

The cackle that interrupted

my dreams, thoughts,

my every waking moment.

I loved those pants

and long ago,

we were one.

But today,

No more taunts

would echo in my mind,

No more shame

or fear,

would devour my soul.

I would take those capris

and silence the voices


Ah! How I marveled

at the ease with which

they slipped onto

my freshly-shaven legs!


had not changed

their shape, elasticity

or durability.

I danced,



and nothing.

No embarrassing rips,

tears or even restricted movements.


lavender capri and I were one.

Our union was unquestionable.

Today, I had won.

Victory was mine.

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