How To Create a Group on Facebook

How To Join a Facebook Group

Facebook is amazing for the amount of groups that people all over the world have created.

There really is every conceivable subject that has many Facebook groups on the internet no matter how obscure. Whatever the subjects you write about you will find people who want to read about them here.

How To Create a Group on Facebook

If you write about dogs then join the many Facebook Groups about dogs to share your articles
If you write about dogs then join the many Facebook Groups about dogs to share your articles

Advantages of Joining Specific Facebook Groups

The people in these special interest groups are there because they are interested in a particular subject and want to connect and share with like minded people all over the world.

This way you will also be getting free targeted traffic to your blogs, websites and articles and enjoying new friends with the same interests.

Sharing Recipes Groups

I love cooking and have therefore written quite a few recipes and intend when time permits to write more. There are thousands of Facebook groups that have people who love cooking and sharing their recipes.

The Recipe groups I have joined are always quite active and people will try these new recipes and report back to the group.

Irish history Groups

I am passionate about Irish history and write a lot of articles on the subject. I have joined Irish history groups under my real name.

This is because there is always a lot of activity on these groups and I want to be known by my real name when discussing the complicated and fascinating subject of our own Irish history.

As you can imagine I get lots of readers to my Irish history articles this way.

How To Create a Group on Facebook

You can create a Group on Facebook yourself on any subject that will attract people who share your interests. .

This is especially good when you want to share a number of articles about one subject.

It is best to have one interest for each Group you create.

How To Create a Group on Facebook

  • On the left of your Facebook Homepage find the word 'Groups'
  • Click on this and then on 'Create Groups'.
  • Then click on 'Create New Group'
  • Add your New Facebook Group Name,

if you want people to find you when they do a Facebook Groups Search then use keywords when creating your name

You can invite your Facebook Friends to join your new Group from here too.

  • Set your Privacy Settings - Which should be Public and then click 'Create'

You have now Created your own Group on Facebook

I enjoy writing and publishing articles as a way to earn money online.

Get free traffic and readers to your blogs, websites and articles

Finding new ways of getting free targeted traffic to your articles can be time consuming, hard and frustrating.

I use Groups on Facebookj because it is easy, interesting and free

This is a good idea that works very well for me that I will share with you here .

Most writers have their own interests that they are passionate about

This compels them to write many articles on the subject.

The articles are usually well written and knowledgeable because the writer would know this subject inside out.

There are many people out there in cyberspace that are also looking for information on this particular subject.

The trick is to get those potential readers to know about your shared interest and knowledge.

To connect and share your knowledge with these eager people is very easy.

I have found a very simple way to do this with Facebook.

Facebook Groups are out there in their millions

Every conceivable subject and interest is catered for.

How To Find Facebook Groups

All you need to do is Google your interest or hobby and include the words Facebook Group in your search.

You will be amazed at how many groups appear online.

I do not recommend you join these groups with your personal Facebook account where you share your activates and photos with family and friends.

This is your private life and most people, myself included do not post their articles to their own Facebook accounts.

So I advice you to open another Facebook account in a name solely for your writing activities online.

Join a specific Facebook Group on the Subject you write about
Join a specific Facebook Group on the Subject you write about

Facebook Groups are great ways to get readers

Opening a new Facebook account just for your writing activities.

What I have done is open two separate Facebook accounts under names that I choose to be known for my particular interests.

I signed up with pen names and not my real name.

Do not join Groups from your personal Facebook account

Your posts and comments are there for all to see.

By opening new Facebook accounts you are able to post your comments, advice and articles to these groups in private.

This gives you the choice of not letting your family, friends, workmates etc reading everything you say and knowing every aspect of the inner workings of your mind.

These are your interests not theirs and sometimes you just don’t want to share with them your thoughts and interests; so this is the way to do it.

Share Articles about writing on Facebook Groups
Share Articles about writing on Facebook Groups

Writing articles online Groups

And of course my main interest is writing articles online for money. These groups are less interactive on a personal level. Most of the people joining these groups want to earn money online from their writing.

They tend to post more writing opportunities for other writers so there is always a good turnover of people logging in and reading the posts for writing tips articles and new writing sites like HubPages.

Autism and Aspergers Syndrome Groups

I have a strong interest in Autism and Aspergers Syndrome because I and quite a few of my immediate family members have Aspergers. I did join these groups with the sole intention of targeting my articles to people who would be interested in them.

But I found I was genuinely interested in joining the community and giving my own opinions and encouragement to those who are in genuine despair.

I spend a lot of time on these groups because there a lots of people out there who are still finding it hard to cope with the initial diagnoses of Aspergers. I have managed as an adult to control and cope with the restrictions that AS brings.

My nephew, PJ who is now 18 and starting University was kind enough to allow me to publish his thoughts and experiences of growing up and coping with Aspergers.

I do get lots of readers to my Aspergers and Autism hubs from these groups, sometimes as much as 50 to 70 hits to one AS article from Facebook in one day.

For Recipe Articles Join Facebook Recipe Groups
For Recipe Articles Join Facebook Recipe Groups

What Facebook Groups should you join?

I have found better results and interaction when I join a specific group rather than a broader subject. If you are a writer of recipes for instance then join groups that suit your kind of niche.

Recipes and Cooking Groups

I love my meat so most of my recipes include it.

Not much use posting these recipes to a group where half of the readers are vegetarians. This principal works the other way too.

There are specific groups for vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers, raw food, healthy recipes etc. What ever your hubs specialise in then only join the groups where you have like minded people to share with.

History and Political Groups

I joined broader Irish history groups but also those that are specific to regions here in Ireland. Whatever country you come from will have their own history groups that you can join.

This applies to those of you who write about politics. There are so many groups on Facebook for this subject both by country and world wide it is truly amazing. These are very active groups and you will find you could spend a lot of time discussing and sharing history and political subjects here.

Health Issues Groups

If you write about health issues then join the particular health group you are interested in and know about. If you write about and have experience of cancer there are many specific cancer sites. This applies to all forms of health hubs and other forms of healing too.

Be specific when joining a Facebook Group

If you choose the groups carefully at the outset then you will have a group of like minded people who are really interested in the subject of your articles.

They get a well written and informative article about the subject and you get more readers. You all get the added advantage of sharing your knowledge and passion about that particular subject.

Everybody wins.

If you Write about Doctor Who Join the Doctor Who Facebook Groups
If you Write about Doctor Who Join the Doctor Who Facebook Groups

Step by step instructions to find a Facebook Group

  • Sign up for a new Facebook Account.
  • Go to Groups on the left of your home Page.
  • When you click on it you will see the search option for Groups on top.
  • Type in the subject of the groups you are looking for, we will say Aspergers Syndrome.
  • A drop down menu will appear with the four top results.

These are usually PAGES and not groups because they always have the most members. They are no good for your purpose because they do not allow you to post links.

  • Go to the bottom of the drop down box that says See more results for Aspergers Syndrome. On the left you will have a few choices click on Groups.
  • This will bring up ONLY the groups and eliminate the Pages.

You will see a page of ten groups specifically about your subject. This is only the first page. When you scroll down you will see an arrow and this will bring you to the next page and more groups.

You can enter whichever group that looks interesting by clicking on the link with the name. I have learnt that it is best to look at the most recent five posts on the group’s home page. If these posts were put there the day before or that day then it means the members are active which is what you want.

If you see the last post has a date that is weeks old then don’t bother to join even if the members figure is high. There is no point if the group is dead and has no one visiting.

  • If you like what you see then click the join group on the top.
  • Always use the BACK button to return to the list of groups otherwise you will have to start again!

Join only five Facebook Groups on a particular subject

It is easier to become active within the group and get known by the other members.

It is also a good idea to open a new Gmail email account for these particular subject groups. That way when someone posts a comment you will be notified and you can then reply.

There is nothing worse for someone writing a comment on a Facebook wall and being ignored.

Facebook Groups

By joining Facebook Groups on the subjects you are interested in you connect with like minded people. So if you enjoy writing and publishing blogs, websites and articles online and getting paid good money for it give this a try.

It truly is an easy and quick way to attract an interested group of readers to your writing.

It works for me.

All Images are the copyright of L.M.Reid

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K9keystrokes profile image

K9keystrokes 6 years ago from Northern, California

What a great idea, and helpful when trying to target traffic usiing facebook groups. Thanks for an informative read.


johnyater profile image

johnyater 6 years ago from Hamilton, Ohio

I never thought of using facebook for anything. Ingenious!

viking305 profile image

viking305 6 years ago from Ireland Author

Thanks for stopping by K9keystrokes. Yes it is really useful for getting those articles seen and read by the people who have a special interest in the subject.

viking305 profile image

viking305 6 years ago from Ireland Author

Hello johnyater thanks for reading. Yes the specific Facebook groups really are worth joining. You have an outlet to chat about your interest and you get people to read your articles, everyone wins.

Wendy Krick profile image

Wendy Krick 6 years ago from Maryland

Great idea!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba

Some good ideas about facebook, I have avoided it as too many friends and family on there..

lisabeaman profile image

lisabeaman 6 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

Great idea!! I use my own facebook a little bit - I don't want to overwhelm my friends w/ shameless plugs. I also posted a hub about a topic on a certain organization's page (that got a good response), but I never thought about starting my own group or joining one for this purpose. Hmmm... something to think about. Thanks!

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, what a good idea! I use it for posting my stories and having a chat, but never thought of groups! great info, cheers nell

2patricias profile image

2patricias 6 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

This is an interesting idea, and we have voted your hub up.

When we started our website we both joined Facebook as a way to promote that site, but sort of got side tracked. In the first few months we wasted a lot of time.

Your idea is much more focussed and sounds worth a try.

sanathara profile image

sanathara 5 years ago

It's truly useful.Liked the idea of opening separate Facebook account.Voted for 'Useful', 'Interesting' and 'Awesome'.

Daniella Lopez profile image

Daniella Lopez 4 years ago from Arkansas

This is such a great hub! I would have never thought to join FB groups for more traffic. Voted up!

sherioz 4 years ago

I like this idea and I was wondering if you use your real photo for these different fb groups.

viking305 profile image

viking305 4 years ago from Ireland Author

Thank you everyone for reading and taking the time to comment.

I use a different name and scenery photo for the new account. I like to keep my writing private from family and friends. It also gives me the freedom to be honest and write what I like!

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 4 years ago from Somewhere in Asia

A very useful suggestion for getting lots of free traffic. I'll have to try this when I have more free time.

Sharing, up and useful.

John Sarkis profile image

John Sarkis 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Great hub! I'm one of the last dinosaur that hasn't joined 'Facebook' but hoping to in the near future so I can get more traffic.

Voted useful


Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Voted up and useful. Thanks for the great advice. I'm already on FB and in groups will see how things go from there. Sharing with my followers.

Cyndi10 profile image

Cyndi10 4 years ago from Georgia

Really good ideas. Glad you shared them. I'm looking for more traffic, so I will start using some of your tips.

uzma shaheen profile image

uzma shaheen 4 years ago from Lahore,Pakistan

very interesting and useful advice. my traffic is very low and always look for ways to increase it.thank you very much for sharing it/

i am sharing this hub.

Amber522 profile image

Amber522 4 years ago

I will definitely be using the advice you gave in this hub. Facebook can be a very powerful tool to promote hubs. Just about everyone has a Facebook these days.

Voted up and sharing!

viking305 profile image

viking305 19 months ago from Ireland Author

Yes joining Facebook groups in your particular area of writing does get a lot of traffic.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to leave a comment and the shares

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