Cross-Country Skiing on Casper Mountain, Wyoming (A Poem)

Cross-Countrying on Casper Mountain

Cross-Country Skiing on Casper Mountain, Wyoming (A Poem)

We assemble in a vertical line

on a very cold winter solstice

with the sun weirdly low in the sky

as we clip on our skis for the first

time ever to go gliding down a slanting

valley lined with pines, and as we gain

momentum, our instructor shows us how

to drag our ski poles between our legs

turning us into a flock of

hunched over chickadee chicks

slinking along the powder snow and leaving

behind a set of glistening parallel

tracks all the while staring

respectfully at mule deer watching

us from behind some snowy bushes now

darkening in an even lower sun.

Casper Mountain just south of Casper, Wyoming still offers great cross country skiing in such close proximity to the drylands of central Wyoming.

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Casper Mountain

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dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Thank you for sharing this as well. I've been skiing before but not cross-country skiing. Every time I come across the term, I think back about a story of the same name by Ernest Hemingway!

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    juneaukid profile image

    Richard Francis Fleck (juneaukid)308 Followers
    167 Articles

    While teaching at the University of Wyoming for 25 years, Richard F. Fleck enjoyed his free time cross country skiing in and around Laramie.

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